Colombian Authorities Searched French Montana’s Plane For Contraband

Colombian Authorities Searched French Montana’s Plane For Contraband

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French Montana has a history of rapping about flipping keys and moving weight on his songs and it seems like Colombian authorities might’ve heard a track or two as the Bronx rapper had a run-in with la policia while visiting the homeland of Pablo Escobar.

According to TMZ, the “Pop That” rapper had a slight problem this week when he was done taking in the sights in Colombia and attempted to leave the country on his private jet. Apparently his flight was delayed after Colombian authorities hopped on his jet and combed the premises searching for narcotics that might have been stashed on the plane. Using a drug sniffing dog to help with the effort, authorities ultimately found nothing as French would know better than to risk his lavish life of a rap star to make a few bucks on the block with that Colombian work.

TMZ reports:

French posted video of his encounter with law enforcement, and you see a handful of police officers going through the plane along with a drug-sniffing dog.

He’s keeping a cool head about it, for the most part, even petting the K-9 in front of officers. He’s also proclaiming his innocence … saying la policia got the wrong idea about him.

Yes, he named his label (and mixtape series) Cokeboys, but French declares there’s no contraband on his ride.

Despite the hard time from Colombian police, French says he’s still got love for the country … though he adds, “you don’t have to do me like this!!!”

Did they scan his body for balloons though? That’s the real question. Imagine French Montana getting interviewed for a new episode of Locked Up Abroad? The whole Hip-Hop world would tune in for that one. Luckily it didn’t come to that though.

As to why Colombian authorities thought it was necessary to search a rap star’s plane for cocaine is anyone’s guess (they aren’t saying), but we’re sure someone in the South American country is familiar with the rapper’s music content and decided to throw a Hail Mary in hopes of catching him redhanded. Just an educated guess.

What do y’all think of French Montana’s run-in with the Colombian policia? Let us know in the comment section below.

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