5 Times WAKEONE Has Earned Criticism Over Its Treatment Of ZEROBASEONE

5 Times WAKEONE Has Earned Criticism Over Its Treatment Of ZEROBASEONE

Since their debut earlier this, ZEROBASEONE have only grown in popularity and influence as that proclaimed the start of K-Pop’s fifth generation. Unfortunately, fans have felt that the group’s company, WAKEONE, has failed them in many different ways since debuting.

Here are some instances where fans have demanded better treatment for the group over.

1. Ricky’s Livestream

On October 31, fans were shocked by the actions of the group’s management during a set of live streams. A manager can be heard yelling at Ricky over starting his own livestream without permission.

허락안맡고 첫라방켠걸로 급하게 끈애 불러다 혼내는거 바로 옆에서 잘 들었습니다 주의주는 건 이해하지만 라방 끝날때까지 5분여 동안 팬들한테까지 들리게 언성높여 혼내는 건 납득이 가지 않네요 그렇게 목숨거는 온전한 매니징과 케어 다른방면에서도 보여주시길@wakeone_offcl @ZB1_official pic.twitter.com/HUpnakXkId

— 주키박스 (@R1ckytty) October 31, 2023

2. Alleged Homophobia

After Zhanghao and Hanbin won a fandom award, fans were surprised to see an ad that was supposed to be the pair feature a group photo, among other things. Fans also accused the company of taking steps to keep the two members away from each other, even without speculating on their sexualities.

Are you kidding me? If these pictures are not double pictures, can’t the magazine ask wk1 to take a haobin double photograph? If it is stated from the beginning that there is no double photograph, then don’t let fans vote! https://t.co/vRPcxdXdWC pic.twitter.com/4WOIu79MUv

— 과자장 (@haobinzzang) September 27, 2023

3. Erasure Of Member From Content

During the group’s appearance at KCON Japan 2023, netizens noticed that Ricky was missing from an important group moment backstage. Fans were especially angered because there was an alternative video that included Ricky that could have been used.

was it that hard to wait for all 9 members to be present for a 3 sec fanchant… mnet’s ricky erasure even after his debut…… pic.twitter.com/DUvt6TcGd9

— rae (@0520RICKY) June 8, 2023

let me remind everyone that there’s a video of ot9 doing their group chant before their stage for kcon jpn. there’s no way zb1 would exclude a member, if anything it’s kcon staff’s fault for rushing and not caring about that there’s a member who is missing pic.twitter.com/V0aFp2cT0k https://t.co/HV34jJBc0z

— rae (@0520RICKY) June 8, 2023

4. Leaving A Member Behind

When ZEROBASEONE headed to Jeju to film content, Zhanghao and Ricky’s documents were left behind, resulting in Ricky being left behind. Once in Jeju, instead of waiting for Ricky, the group began filming content.

5. Airport Conditions

From their first international schedule, fans were dismayed over the security provided to the group at the airport. These situations often ended in the group being followed or mobbed.

ZB1 Got mobbed unfortunately. It was so scary to watch. We demand better security. This situation could’ve been handled better. @wakeone_offcl pic.twitter.com/M4DxcsSIvi


Thankfully, there has been an improvement in the group’s security.

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