Xbox blocking third-party controllers is a “step backwards”, say disabled gamers

Xbox blocking third-party controllers is a “step backwards”, say disabled gamers

The announcement that third-party Xbox controllers and accessories will no longer work after November has concerned disabled gamers who use their own controllers.

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Error “0x82d60002” has popped up for those using an unauthorised controller to play on the Xbox One or Xbox Series consoles, stating that the controller “will be blocked from use on [November 12]”.

Microsoft provided a statement to clear up the confusion, saying that “unauthorised accessories can compromise the gaming experience” and this new policy is part of maintaining “quality standards for performance, security, and safety”.

An Xbox controller and Xbox Series S console Credit: Pasqualino Capobianco via Unsplash

Yet, disabled gamers who play with controller and accessory combinations that use third-party technology have aired their aggravation at the announcement.

“Xbox I urge you to give a statement on if this will affect the disability community and if so, how is this in line with your vision for accessibility in gaming,” said streamer Elisabeth “Arevya” Sivertsen in a post to X.

Another said it was a “step backwards in inclusivity” for Xbox, as the release of the Xbox Adaptive Controller in 2018 won it several awards for the innovation in its design.

“For a company that touts their accessibility and inclusion efforts so hard, this move by Xbox is really confusing and disappointing,” added X user and game developer jasonthinks.

An Xbox controller in use Credit: Alicia Christin Gerald via Unsplash

Fortunately, it appears that conversations about the impact of this policy on disabled players are occurring. Content creator MikeTheQuad claimed they have been “in talks with [people] that can give me better details on this and how it’ll affect our adaptive controllers”.

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