“Waterbomb Goddess” Kwon Eunbi Wants To Venture Outside Of Music To Be An Iconic Penguin

“Waterbomb Goddess” Kwon Eunbi Wants To Venture Outside Of Music To Be An Iconic Penguin

Kwon Eunbi made waves this summer, being given the title of “Goddess of Waterbomb” after her stunning appearance at the 2023 WATERBOMB Festival. Recently, she shared that there’s another title she wants: a penguin.

Kwon Eunbi | Grace Queen

On October 31, the fashion magazine THE STAR released a photoshoot and interview with Kwon Eunbi, who graced the cover of the November issue. With a strong under-eye line balanced with soft colors and blurs, Kwon Eunbi showed ethereal and sophisticated looks in her photoshoot pictures.


During the interview, Kwon Eunbi talked about her career—from the busiest days she had experienced since debuting to becoming a radio DJ.

Kwon Eunbi (right) interviewing fellow IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon on her show, “Kwon Eunbi’s Young Street” | SBS Radio

Regarding her busy schedule, the singer expressed her gratitude.

I am receiving a lot of love, and therefore, am very busy. I am working hard to repay that love.

— Kwon Eunbi

She also talked about her recent third solo concert, QUEEN, held on October 7 and 8.

I was thankful that many people came. I was happy that they liked my new appearance. I’m already looking forward to the next concert.

— Kwon Eunbi

| @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Regarding her interests outside of music activities, Kwon Eunbi revealed something she wants to do. Because of her love for Pengsoo, the popular penguin character created by the Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) in Korea, she shared what she wanted to do with a laugh.

I really like Pengsoo, so I want to try dubbing for animations. It would be even better if I dubbed for Pengsoo’s girlfriend. (Laughs)

— Kwon Eunbi

Pengsoo | @bythe_pengsoo/Instagram

Although the character Pengsoo doesn’t have an official girlfriend, if he did, Kwon Eunbi would be the perfect voice!

Kwon Eunbi became known to the world on the Mnet girl group survival show Produce 48 in 2018 and became a member of IZ*ONE. After being active as the leader of IZ*ONE for three years until their disbandment, Kwon Eunbi pursued her solo career. Recently, she gained immense popularity for her performance at WATERBOMB and is currently releasing more music, holding concerts and fan meetings, hosting her radio show, and more.

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