Third-Generation Idol Goes Viral For Spoiling The Biggest Anime Moment Of The Year Mid-Concert

Third-Generation Idol Goes Viral For Spoiling The Biggest Anime Moment Of The Year Mid-Concert

In K-Pop, spoilers are hated by companies but encouraged by fans who want all the details of an upcoming comeback. Some idols have even become known as spoiler fairies, while SEVENTEEN has actually implemented a “spoiler fine.”

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Leaves NCT 127’s Taeyong Shook With His Group’s Hefty Fine For Posting Spoilers

In most other media, spoilers are the bane of any media consumer’s existence, as fans often want to see what will unfold themselves. This can be hard to do as people sometimes see the content before others and share it online.

For fans of anime and manga, there is always a delay in content between the original Japanese release and English translations, as well as the delay that naturally occurs in the animation process. This can currently be seen in the popular series Jujutsu Kaisen.


The universe of Jujustu Kaisen features sorcerers trained to control the cursed energy in their bodies and use it to fight curses that occur in their world. Among the host of characters, there is no doubt that the most popular is Satoru Gojo, the most powerful in the world.

His unique personality and appearance have him ranked among the most popular anime characters ever.

In one of the more recent chapters of the series, viewers were left stunned by Gojo’s unexpected death. His passing left a great impact on fans worldwide, who even began memorials of him.

the way the gojo memorial in chile is still going

— abbie ★ (@biyuuji) October 11, 2023

It’s easy to see why this would be such an impactful moment a reader would want to see for themselves, but a K-Pop idol recently might have ruined the surprise for some fans.

During one night of his concerts, B.I, who is a fan of the character, held up a Gojo towel that was thrown on stage mid-show. After looking at the character, he says, “I heard he died.

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Fans can be heard shouting no and that he was giving a spoiler as he made a funny face. The clip was shared on Instagram, going viral over 1.4 million views as viewers laughed at his carefree spoiling.

TXT‘s Soobin is also a fan, and you can read more about that below.

Fans Send Prayers To TXT’s Soobin For The Most “Unserious” Reason

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