South Korean Loan Shark Ring Demanded 3000% Interest Rate And Extorted Nude Photos From Debtors

South Korean Loan Shark Ring Demanded 3000% Interest Rate And Extorted Nude Photos From Debtors

In a recent crackdown, South Korean authorities have apprehended a nefarious ring of loan sharks who purportedly extorted nude photographs from debtors, threatening to publicize them should they fail to settle their dues timely. The rogue lenders demanded exorbitant interest rates averaging 3,000 percent annually, with the peak rate skyrocketing to a staggering 13,000 percent, far surpassing the legal limit of 20 percent annual interest.

Evidence used among the loan shark ring. | Yonhap

The malevolent operation was brought to light after a meticulous investigation spanning from October 2022 to July 2023. The police have since taken 11 individuals into custody on charges of exploiting victims to amass around ₩230 million KRW (about $171,000 USD) in profits. This nefarious scheme involved lending money to individuals in exchange for their personal information and nude photographs, which were then used as leverage to ensure repayment.

Photo for illustrative purposes. | Blue Line Magazine

On a typical transaction, the culprits lent out ₩300,000 KRW (about $223 USD), expecting a repayment of ₩500,000 KRW (about $372 USD) just a week later. Failure to adhere to these stringent repayment terms triggered the extortionate interest rates, which terrorized the debtors into compliance. The victims, mostly aged between 20 and 30 and primarily from low-income, low-credit backgrounds, found themselves ensnared in a vicious cycle of debt and intimidation.

Authorities have managed to identify 83 victims thus far, and the investigation has led to charging six individuals for orchestrating and participating in this criminal syndicate. The members had a well-structured hierarchy and systematically delegated roles to efficiently carry out their malevolent activities. To evade law enforcement, the ring continually shifted its operation base every three months and utilized phones and bank accounts registered under different names.

Photo for illustrative purposes. | Telegraph

On Friday, police moved four suspects to prosecutors with physical detention, while two others were referred without detention. The remaining five suspects, including the alleged ringleader, a man in his 30s, continue to be investigated without physical detention.

The police have taken robust measures to halt the circulation of the compromising photographs by confiscating the suspects’ phones. They have also extended support to the victims by referring them to counseling centers and ensuring the deletion of the incriminating images. Meanwhile, there’s a suspicion of more accomplices involved, propelling the police to widen their probe into this sinister operation.

Photo of South Korean police for illustrative purposes. | UPI

The exposure of this ruthless loan shark ring unveils a dark underbelly of extortion and exploitation amidst South Korea’s lending landscape. It underscores the imperative for stringent regulatory oversight and the need for accessible, fair lending practices to shield vulnerable individuals from such predatory schemes.

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