Precision Records releases the album “Another World” by Lucidity ft. Chris Luciani

Precision Records releases the album “Another World” by Lucidity ft. Chris Luciani

Lucidity, the renowned Rock Band featuring Chris Luciani, has been a mainstay in the music scene since their formation in 2000. Comprising a talented team of creative musicians, they have continually impressed fans and critics with their technical prowess and musical versatility. Over the years, Lucidity has broken boundaries with their unique sound, establishing themselves as a local New Jersey favorite. Their journey through music has been marked by a commitment to pushing the envelope, and their latest album, “Another World,” released through the prestigious Precision Records, is a testament to their enduring passion for innovation.

Since 2015, Lucidity’s popularity has soared as their sound evolved, inspired by the community, culture, and sounds of their beloved hometown. The band’s signature style is a rich tapestry of diverse melodies and compositions, showcasing their ability to cater to fans across the musical spectrum.

“Another World” is no exception to their innovative spirit. With an unyielding collection of tracks, the album delves into profound questions about existence, both in the external world and within oneself. Lucidity and Chris Luciani’s introspective lyrics challenge listeners to ponder, “Is there really anyone out there?” and “Is there really anyone in here?”

The album is a masterful fusion of incendiary lyrics and blistering riffs, creating a sound that imbues each track with a heavy, mainstream active rock edge. “Another World” promises to captivate its audience with a dynamic range of emotions and thought-provoking themes. Lucidity, featuring Chris Luciani, stands at the forefront of the rock music scene, and their latest album is a testament to their enduring creative spirit and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their unique sound.


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