“Let Her Breathe…” NewJeans’ Minji Receives Mixed Reactions For Hand Gesture In Broadcast

“Let Her Breathe…” NewJeans’ Minji Receives Mixed Reactions For Hand Gesture In Broadcast

NewJeansMinji has received mixed reactions from netizens after a hand gesture she made during the group’s recent live broadcast.

NewJeans’ Minji | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

On October 29, the members of NewJeans went live on the group’s official fan community PHONING to celebrate NewJeans’ fan club Bunnies’ 1st anniversary.

The members during their broadcast | PHONING

A clip from the group’s last live broadcasts has started to gain attention on TikTok. In the video, the members were all celebrating when Minji got a party blower to add to the party.

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Yet, netizens quickly noticed the way in which Minji held the item, pointing out that it looked like the way someone held a cigarette.

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When the video was posted, it quickly gained a lot of attention from fans.


house is always clean, dinner is always ready, never talk back, anything she wants🧎‍ #minji #newjeans #fyp #viral

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In the comments, while it wasn’t surprising that some fans were shocked at the idea that it could’ve been “Muscle memory,” other fans pointed out that overanalyzing Minji’s actions wouldn’t help the idol. They particularly pointed out that Minji is an adult and allowed to live her life.

Yet, on a Korean forum, many pointed out that it seemed to show the double standards for male and female idols that Minji was being criticized. In particular, one pointed out that all the members had long nails, and Minji wasn’t the only member who made that gesture because it was probably not easy to hold it with the nails.

A photo of another member doing the same because of the long nails | Nate Pann

While the gesture might have resembled smoking a cigarette, netizens emphasize the need not to jump to conclusions.

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