K-Netizens React To SHINee Taemin’s Secret To Maintaining His Youthful Charm

K-Netizens React To SHINee Taemin’s Secret To Maintaining His Youthful Charm

SHINee’s Taemin, who made a solo comeback, recently held a showcase for his fourth mini album, Guilty, in Seoul. He said, “I debuted as a student, but I am now in my thirties. Now, the people who love me have become a part of my life.

SHINee’s Taemin at his album showcase | Edaily

He continued, “Sometimes when I hear people say things like, ‘I grew up watching Taemin since my school days,’ I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that I was sharing memories with many people through music.”

He also revealed  how he maintains his young boy charm.

This may be a strange answer, but they say aging accelerates when insulin levels rise. So, I’m trying to maintain an empty stomach without eating often. I try not to expose myself to a lot of UV rays, and I apply sunscreen well.

He added, “I want to maintain my boyish appearance until I’m 47! It’s a joke. I probably won’t have much time left, but I still want to embrace boyish and masculine images for about three more years. I think I will need to receive help from the medical field and receive treatment.”

Netizens who saw this reacted to his answer regarding maintaining his youth.

Netizen comments | Instiz “Insulin lolol but I also keep track of how long I keep my stomach empty..this is a good habit.” “He did age a bit..I thought he would be a baby forever.” “Why is until 47 lolol.” “Taemin you are forever our maknae (youngest member).” “His answer is so cute.” “He is older than me but he still feels like 16 year old Taemin..always the baby.”

Regarding the fact that he always hears the phrase, “SHINee has returned from a boy to a man,” he stated, “It’s still okay now, but when we start to get wrinkles and have trouble keeping our body in check, we might become a laughingstock.”

On the other hand, Taemin’s new album includes the title song, “Guilty” along with b-side tracks for a total of six songs. Check out the official music video below!

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