Jessi describes her viral hit ‘Zoom’ as an “annoying ass song”

Jessi describes her viral hit ‘Zoom’ as an “annoying ass song”

Korean-American rapper and singer Jessi says she thinks her viral hit 2022 single ‘Zoom’ is an “annoying ass song”.

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Jessi released ‘Zoom’ in April 2022 and has since become the singer’s second-most successful single, peaking at Number 12 on South Korea’s Circle Chart. The track also went viral on TikTok, helping it chart in counties such as New Zealand, Singapore and more.

In a new appearance on The Zach Sang Show, Jessi described ‘Zoom’ as “a very annoying ass song” that is “so overplayed”. During the interview, she also recalled listening to the song for the first time after recording it: “And I overheard myself, and I was like, ‘Goddamn, I’m annoying’.”

However, Jessi also says that through ‘Zoom’ she has “figured out and mastered what people like”. She added: “It’s like the repetitive sounds. Half of the people say– haters will say that it’s a trash song, but you gon’ hear it.”

“It’s gonna be playing in your ear once you hear it. It’s like one of those songs, y’know,” she continued. “If there’s a song that I don’t really love but it’s just catchy, but then you’ll catch yourself singing it. It’s like one of those.”

‘Zoom’ was the last song Jessi released through the Psy-owned label P Nation, which she left in July 2022. Earlier this year, she signed with Jay Park’s More Vision label, through which she has released the song ‘Gum’.

In other K-pop news, BTS’ Suga has opened up about how he thought the boyband’s 2015 album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1′ would be their last at the time of release.

Meanwhile, Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ has become the fastest song to reach 1billion streams on Spotify. Elsewhere, Rowoon has said that it was “not an easy decision” for him to leave K-pop boyband SF9.

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