Dispatch Exposes Celebrity Ex-Fiancé’s Criminal Plot To Escape Korea In Bombshell Report

Dispatch Exposes Celebrity Ex-Fiancé’s Criminal Plot To Escape Korea In Bombshell Report

On October 31, Dispatch revealed that Jeon Chung Jo, who has been the target of the nation’s scrutiny, has been secretly plotting to be smuggled to China. The article is translated below.

Jeon Chung Jo (left) Nam Hyun Hee (right) | Chosun Ilbo

Jeon Chung Jo Dreamed Of Being Smuggled

The amount of money he is suspected of defrauding is over ₩3.00 billion KRW (about $2.23 million USD). In case of aggravated fraud, it’s normal to go to jail for 3-6 years.

Jeon Chung Jo was released from prison in the spring of 2022. He is currently on probation. If he commits a similar crime in the next three years, he would be going to jail for twice the amount of time sentenced.

Photo of a women’s prison cell | Dispatch

Jeong Chung Jo did the math. At the age of 26, he was looking at over 10 years for fraud, threatening, and assault. He would be released in his mid-30s.

Jeon Chung Jo had served time in the women’s prison in Incheon. He hated his time in prison. His four cellmates all had similar things to say about his time there.

He couldn’t adjust to prison life. First, he couldn’t stand the cold. He was ostracized due to lying so much. He was also caught having inappropriate relations with a foreign prisoner. He went through a lot while in there.

— Cellmates

According to Jeon Chung Jo’s acquaintances, he knew he couldn’t avoid prison time. He also knew he was looking at 10 years. So he planned for his escape by smuggling.

Dispatch received a tip that Jeon Chung Jo was planning to be smuggled out of Korea. He is said to have asked his acquaintances to find out how he could leave Korea.

Find out a way I can leave Korea.

— Jeon Chung Jo

Jeon Chung Jo started looking for smuggling brokers. After being told to pay up front, he is rumored to have been looking for ways to come up with the money.

But it seems his plans have been canceled. The reason is because he is broke without his second phone. His second phone is like a safe, and Nam Hyun Hee is the one who has it at the moment.

Jeon Chung Jo recently sent one of his security guards to the house of Nam Hyun Hee’s mother. Because he had been arrested on the 26th for stalking, he wasn’t able to go personally.

Jeon Chung Jo trusted Nam Hyun Hee’s mother. It is because he had spent a large amount of money on her. He had bought Nam Hyun Hee a Bentley and bought her mother a Genesis. He also gave her an allowance. But his security guard wasn’t let in. He was told to never come near them again. In the end, Jeon Chung Jo couldn’t get his hands on his second phone.

Why was he so obsessed with his second phone? According to someone close to him, his second phone is like a safe. Inside is his mother’s public certificate, which is needed for him to make his financial dealings. In other words, Police need to get their hands on the second phone. Jeon Chung Jo’s second phone is the smoking gun and the key to unraveling the true extent of his crimes. At the same time, Jeon Chung Jo needs to be arrested and detained. He is already aware of the punishment he is facing, and there is a big risk that he would do anything to avoid that.

He has said before, in an interview, that he would welcome whatever punishment he received while crying. But while wiping away those tears, he was planning to be smuggled out of the country. No one should believe anything that he says.

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Meanwhile, Jeon Chung Jo left the Signiel on the 29th. He is said to be hiding in Gimpo, where his mother lives. He wears a black hat and a black mask to avoid being recognized in public.



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