Bae Suzy says ‘Doona!’ shows a “really human side” of K-pop idols

Bae Suzy says ‘Doona!’ shows a “really human side” of K-pop idols

Bae Suzy has said that she thinks Netflix’s new K-drama Doona! helps to show a “really human side” of K-pop idols.

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In Doona!, Bae Suzy stars as the titular character of Doona, a former K-pop idol who has left behind her glamorous celebrity life and retired from the entertainment industry. Notably, Doona is presented as a heavy smoker in the series.

In a new interview with TV Report, the actress says she “honestly felt really refreshed by the set-up of an idol smoking so openly”, saying that the characterisation of Doona shows a “really human side” of K-pop idols, as translated by Koreaboo.

“I think smoking was a tool to express Doona’s loneliness,” Bae Suzy added. “That’s why when she was dating Won-jun, she cut down on smoking, but started again when she got insecure. I think how Doona feels can be seen through her smoking.”

Elsewhere during the interview, the actress also spoke about how the “short, thin and uncomfortable” clothing Doona wears in the series is also a reflection of the character’s emotional state. “I thought that it hints at how lonely and cold she felt,” she opined.

In previous interviews to promote Doona!, Bae Suzy spoke about how the series helped her revisit and “heal” from her past, saying that “there was a strange sense of empathy” she felt while reading the show’s script.

Meanwhile, the singer-turned-actress has also touched on how she might retire from the industry “at any time”, teasing that “[any] current project could be my very last”.

In other news, Jessi has described her viral hit ‘Zoom’ as an “annoying ass song”. Meanwhile, BTS’ Suga has revealed that he thought the boyband’s 2015 release ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1′ would be their last album at the time.

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