Entertainment platform Makestar (yes, that one) announced on October 30, that it is opening auditions for the launch of a boy group.

The plan is to select boy group members aiming to debut in the second half of next year through this audition program. Those wishing to participate can apply through the official website.

Makestar, which produces singers’ “POCALBUM” albums, is a global platform used by K-pop fans in 235 countries around the world. So far, it has carried out various collaborations with over 400 teams of artists.

Makestar said, 

“We recruited the best K-pop experts for the audition. “We have a complete system with top talents in each field as well as producers from large entertainment companies. The audition process will be made public to global music fans at home and abroad through various media.”

Makestar is a platform known for hosting pre-orders for K-pop albums and merch, fanmeetings, video calls as well as producing crowd-funded K-pop albums for underrated artists. Now they will take a turn at making their own idol group. 

Applications for the group are now open https://www.globalkpopboygroup2024.com/en

*Applicants must be male born after 2003.

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