Looking back over the past 10 months, 2023 was a great year for Kpop music videos, but some stood out for their spooky and atmospheric visuals.  From haunted-looking mansions to supernatural encounters, these videos offer a unique blend of artistry and horror that will leave you mesmerized and perhaps a little spooked. 

So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and let’s embark on a journey into the hauntingly beautiful world of K-pop’s eerie music videos. Here are seven of the spookiest K-pop music videos from 2023.

ENHYPEN – ‘Bite Me’ 

The music video for ‘Bite Me’ is visually stunning, with dark imagery and choreography that is both powerful and sensual with the incorporaron of mysterious female dancers expressing the dynamic of wanting to be being bitten by a vampire. 


Purple Kiss – ‘Sweet Juice’ 

Known for often having a darker concept, ‘Sweet Juice’ falls under the dark Purple Kiss genre. The music video is set in a seemingly haunted hotel. 


Sunmi – ‘Stranger’ 

In a music video directed by d!g!ped! Sunmi lives in a creepy decrepite mansion, she creates a “Franken-Sunmi” that runs away with certain stranger that attracts her attention.

Kang Daniel – ‘SOS’ 

The dark, yet catchy song ‘S.O.S’ has a cool and gritty Mad Max/Dune type of world building that progressively darkens as Daniel remain strong among the disturbing imagery of hell. 


Superkind – ‘Moody’ 

Human/AI boy group Superkind released their first comeback song earlier this year features a dark boys school that is terrorized by (the new AI member) who befriends a student for his own dark reasons. 



The PIXY girls are out for revenge and use any supernatural means to get it, complete with unnerving dolls and Mariotte puppets. 

KARD – ‘Icky’ 

The hottest Co-ed group KARD released the creepy, slimy, yet seductive ‘Icky.’ Notably the backrooms theme creates a unsettling environment.  

Are there any spooky K-pop music videos from this year you would like to mention. Let us know @KpopWise

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