3 Shocking And Creepy K-Pop Moments That Inspired Netflix’s “Doona!”

3 Shocking And Creepy K-Pop Moments That Inspired Netflix’s “Doona!”

Netflix‘s new K-Drama Doona! recently premiered, starring Bae Suzy.

A student moves into the same shared house as Lee Doo-Na, an attractive idol who has taken early retirement. The student becomes increasingly interested in Doo-Na’s mysterious life.

— Netflix

“Doona!” poster

As a former member of the girl group Miss A under JYP Entertainment, Suzy was the perfect choice to play a K-Pop idol in the show. She even made suggestions of situations to include in the story that have really happened to her and her peers.

Doona coming back 200% stronger after her hiatus

Song: Undercover
Artist: #수지 (#SUZY) pic.twitter.com/kDQWE69y5Y

— Netflix K-Content (@netflixkcontent) October 26, 2023

Here are three shockingly creepy K-Pop moments that inspired Doona!

1. Fans giving K-Pop idols baby pacifiers

that little clip of a ‘fan’ asking #Doona to put a pacifier in her mouth for just a moment gives me chills like it’s so disturbing

and the fact that some idols do encounter such a ridiculous request is really concerning#Suzy #BaeSuzy #YangSeJong


— Kdrama_eonnie (@Kpopunnie02) October 21, 2023

Fans often give idols gifts, but one peculiar one that they receive is baby pacifiers, taking aegyo to a whole another level.

BTS’s Jungkook Wonho Kim Sejeong

2. GFRIEND noticed a fan wearing hidden camera glasses

wow this scene in #doona is very similar to yerin’s viral moment when she caught hidden camera at fansign? pic.twitter.com/ZWHBJN4siA

— ᴊʏʀ (@yerintopic) October 25, 2023

The members noticed a fan wearing hidden camera glasses during a fanmeeting, and a manager confiscated them.

3. Staff allegedly took a hidden photo of aespa’s Winter

SM Entertainment denied claims.

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