20 Hilarious Japanese “Mundane Halloween” Costumes That Are Going Viral

20 Hilarious Japanese “Mundane Halloween” Costumes That Are Going Viral

Japan’s hilarious “Mundane Halloween” trend is back! This trend was started back in 2014 by people who wanted to dress in “super ordinary things and embody very day-to-day situations.” If you’re too embarrassed to go all out in a full costume, but still want to participate in a clever and subtle way, this is for you! Check out this year’s best costumes below.

1. Loaf of Bread

There’s no difference between this corgi’s butt and a loaf of bread.

2. Muscle Miffy

This guy imitated the viral “muscle Miffy” illusion!

Muscley arms or sitting on a bean bag?

Muscle Miffy illusion

3. A person wondering whether something on the floor is a bug or trash

We’ve all been there!

4. Mom’s friend

Definitely her bestie.

5. A passenger who is likely to get off at the next stop and make room for you

He nailed it, especially with all his belongings in his lap.

6. Person who turned on the shower while cleaning the bathroom

It happens!

7. Grandma character often seen in video game ads

Have you seen her before?

Grandma who appears in ads

8. USB-C

Sometimes simple is best!

USB-C cable

9. Person who failed to grab the train handle without looking

The props are impressive.

10. A person taking a video of a cat riding a robot vacuum cleaner

If you have both of those, then this may be familiar.

11. An otaku who needs to block the glare from the light in order to take a good picture of the item they bought today

The struggle of taking photos of your bias’s photocard!

12. A person who is too lazy to take their shoes off and crawls on their knees through their house to get something they forgot

Just how lazy is this?

13. A kind boyfriend

He sacrifices everything for you.

14. An ahjussi who posted an Instagram selfie

He pulled it off flawlessly.

15. Person who brings the gloves and scissors when the cutting tape

Really, what is this person’s official job title?

16. Person who can’t find their apple pencil

Likely to be found while traveling.

17. Person who dropped their phone on their face

Bonus points for the custom effects.

18. Worker who wore a helmet all day

When he turned around, it’s even more obvious.

19. Person who says he can get himself home at the end of the night but probably can’t

Hang in there, buddy.

20. A person who fell asleep with their head on the desk during lunch break

Don’t worry, nobody can tell!

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