Park Sung Woong Apologizes To 23 Years Younger Co-Star For Their On-Screen Kiss

Park Sung Woong Apologizes To 23 Years Younger Co-Star For Their On-Screen Kiss

In a recent interview, Park Sung Woong opened up about his experience filming a kissing scene with Seo Ji Hye, who is 23 years younger than him, in their newest movie, The Wild. Park plays the role of Song Woo Chul, while Seo Ji Hye takes on the character of Choi Myung Joo. The scenario became somewhat of a talking point, given the notable age difference between the two actors.

Park Sung Woong during a recent press conference. | Osen

The Wild is a riveting crime action film that delves into the story of Song Woo Chul (played by Park Sung Woong) who, after attempting to move past his dark history, finds himself entangled in a dangerous conflict due to the schemes of his friend Do Shik (played by Oh Dae Hwan).

Amidst the unfolding chaos, a tender relationship blossoms between Song Woo Chul and Choi Myung Joo (played by Seo Ji Hye). The romance unfolds gently, offering a soft contrast to the harsh realities of the crime-ridden world they find themselves in.

Seo Ji Hye in the press conference.

The kiss scene between Park and Seo is a pivotal moment in the film, marking a point of emotional vulnerability and connection between their characters. The chemistry between them, albeit awkward at first due to the actors’ real-life age difference, added a layer of authenticity to the characters’ budding romance, making the narrative more engaging and relatable.

When talking about the kiss scene, Park Sung Woong shared that during filming, he continually apologized to Seo Ji Hye. He felt that Seo Ji Hye, being in her late 20s, should have been sharing this scene with a younger, less intimidating male actor, especially since this was one of her first melodramatic roles. Park’s persistent apologies extended throughout the filming, showing a blend of professional concern and personal awkwardness.

I kept saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ She’s supposed to be doing this with a young, handsome, not-so-scary male actor… I kept apologizing until the end.

— Park Sung Woong


Interestingly, the filming schedule had the kiss scene set on the first day of shooting. Park voiced that the director might have pushed the boundaries by scheduling the kiss on day one, especially since they weren’t well-acquainted.

The director did too much. We weren’t even close yet, but he put the kiss scene on the first day.

— Park Sung Woong

However, he also noted that the awkwardness between them played well into the scene, as it was the characters’ first kiss in the narrative of the movie.

It was the characters’ first kiss scene, so the awkwardness actually suited the characters well.

— Park Sung Woong

Park further emphasized that although he felt sorry, there was a sense of excitement while filming with Seo Ji Hye. The experience was a mixture of both exhilaration and guilt, reflecting the layers of emotions actors often go through in their portrayal of on-screen relationships.

On her part, Seo mentioned that she found Park’s anxious expressions quite endearing when they first met. She appreciated how the nervousness mirrored the characters’ situation, which in turn helped in portraying the scene more authentically. Seo Ji Hye also expressed gratitude towards Park for taking good care of her on set and providing helpful advice, making her first melodramatic role a memorable experience.

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