Olympian Fencer’s Ex-Fiancé Scammed Her By Lying That He Only Had Six Months Left To Live

Olympian Fencer’s Ex-Fiancé Scammed Her By Lying That He Only Had Six Months Left To Live

A new lie of Jeon Chung Jo’s has been revealed and added to the ever-growing pile. In a case that shook the entire nation, Olympian fencer Nam Hyun Hee’s new lover turned out to be the scammer of the generation. Not only did Jeon Chung Jo hide his past records of criminal offences, but he also defrauded many using Nam’s name. He also lied about being the heir of a conglomerate and more, even tricking Nam into thinking that she was pregnant.

Nam Hyun Hee (left), Jeon Chung Jo (right).

On October 30, 2023, Nam Hyun Hee made an appearance on Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show. There, she revealed the various lies and misdeeds of her former fiancé. She felt disillusioned by the time that she spent with him.

The last few days passed like a hurricane, like a dream. I wondered how these things could have actually happened. Seeing how there are so many victims popping up, I wondered how I could’ve spent all that time with that devil, believing him

— Nam Hyun Hee

Nam Hyun Hee opened up about Jeon’s gender-reassignment, something that was of curiosity to the public. Jeon had first approached Nam as a woman, only to express his wishes to become a man later.

Jeon Chung Jo first came to me to learn fencing. He introduced himself then as a 28 year old woman. Then, after he asked me to be his friend, during that time, he told me that he only had 6 months left to live as a terminal illness patient. He pretended to be sick, taking medicine, throwing up blood in the sink and experiencing breathing problems.

— Nam Hyun Hee

Nam Hyun Hee explained that although Jeon had told her that he had undergone sex-change surgery, she never saw the surgery results herself.

I was a little bit afraid of how my feelings would change if I saw that. Jeon confessed to me with difficulty about the surgery, and so I wanted to respect him as a person.

— Nam Hyun Hee

Nam Hyun Hee admitted that Jeon probably needed “her face and name,” and guessed that this was why Jeon approached her. He needed to use her to target those around her. Although Jeon tried to reassure her by saying that he would change his luxury apartment’s deed to be under her name, she continuously rejected his offer.

Nam Hyun Hee concluded her revelations by indicating her intentions to sue Jeon. She apologized to all the victims who had been affected by him.

Jeon is now banned from leaving the country as the police continues their investigations.

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