North West Dresses As Ye’s “Dropout Bear” For Halloween

North West Dresses As Ye’s “Dropout Bear” For Halloween

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North West pays tribute to her dad Ye aka Kanye West’s Graduation album by dressing up as the “Dropout Bear” mascot for Halloween.
On Saturday morning (Oct. 28), North West shared a video to the TikTok account that she shares with her mother Kim Kardashian. The video begins with the 10-year-old facing the camera operated by her mother, showing off how much she resembles her father, Ye aka Kanye West before donning the head of the “Dropout Bear” costume and dancing around to a sped-up version of “American Boy,” the 2007 smash hit by Estelle which featured Ye.


♬ american boy – senia

There were two other posts on the popular social media platform featuring the preteen in the costume. One showed her singing and dancing to “I Wonder,” from the Grammy Award-winning Graduation album and the other featured her dancing nonstop for almost a minute in full costume to “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”


♬ Can’t Tell Me Nothing – Kanye West

The costume itself is the one from West’s third album, Graduation, which showed the “Dropout Bear” mascot decked out in dark denim jeans, a blue and gray varsity jacket and a “Jesus piece” chain. The artwork of the bear was done by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The mascot became famous after being featured on the cover of West’s debut album The College Dropout in 2004.

It’s not the first time that North has paid homage to her famous father. Earlier this year, she showed off an outfit featuring a Ralph Lauren long-sleeved rugby shirt with blue and orange stripes similar to what Ye wore at the time of The College Dropout’s release. The spooky season of Halloween has seen North West and her siblings honor other notable music artists in the past. Last year, she dressed as the late singer Aaliyah wearing a full ensemble by Tommy Hilfiger while Saint dressed up as Snoop Dogg. Chicago dressed like the singer Sade, and Psalm sported a costume inspired by the late Eazy-E.

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