Netizens Have Heavily Mixed Reactions To Rowoon’s Recent Chest-Baring Outfit

Netizens Have Heavily Mixed Reactions To Rowoon’s Recent Chest-Baring Outfit

Former SF9 member Rowoon has recently been promoting his newest K-Drama, The Matchmakers, starring as the lead male alongside Cho Yi Hyun. First airing on October 30, the series tells the story about a young widower and a young widow joining forces to marry off four young maidens who represent Joseon.

Promotional poster for The Matchmakers with Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun

The pair appeared together recently for a production conference, and it was Rowoon’s unusual outfit that became the talk of netizens online.

Cho Yi Hyun & Rowoon

Sporting a chest-baring, flowing white top and oversized pants, Rowoon’s stylist seemed to be going for a particular look that many don’t seem to think quite hit the mark.

Some people think that his hair was poorly styled for this public appearance too, making the overall look not one of Rowoon’s best according to them.

And it’s surprising, because Rowoon is someone whose visuals are usually so highly praised that it seems like he should be able to pull off anything!

But many of the comments on a forum post about this outfit were critical of the look, blaming both the unflattering clothing and hairstyle together.

There were still some people defending the look, though, with some thinking that if the outfit was just fitted a little better or some other small changes were made, it would have been a hit!

How do you feel about this look on Rowoon?

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