Kay Flock The Driller: Walking ‘Em Down

What up gang.

Back with the real you know what’s the deal. BD’s vs GD’s. Bloods vs Crips. Woos vs Choos. The gang wars with rappers in the hood never stops and The Bronx has been paving the streets with the blood of teenagers gang banging and acting reckless on live. 

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I’m talking not giving a damn about any life, filming themselves riding around the block lurking and running down on opps, to wanting to murk their own family member. It’s crazy out there especially with Bronx rapper Kay Flock who we’re going to focus on today.

 Everything I just said is under the rapper’s resume of savage shenanigans and it gets even worse. Let’s chop it up and break down his growing list of beefs and his mentality that anyone can get smoke anywhere, anytime.

The Bronx is known for having their legends in the rap game. From Fat Joe

To KRS-One

To Remy Ma

And Slick Rick

But the youngins have created a new wave of hip hop that takes the Drill trend popularized by Chicago and turning into Brooklyn Drill with their own style and twist https://youtu.be/-ZeeeS9lKBU (22:41-22:56) It has seen the rise of young rappers with talent to make it to the top, but that new gateway to fame has a curse that follows around rappers and hood savage Kay Flock like a dark cloud. 

Kevin Perez aka Kay Flock is a member of the blood set around East 187th street in the hood known as SevSide. The set has been locked in a growing war with rival Bronx gang known as YGz which stands for Young Gunnaz. 


Breaking down the history of the beef of how the two collided would involve diving into how the OGz (Original Goons) 

and YGz fell out when one two timed the other. You can drop a comment letting me know if you’d like a separate video detailing the full backstory. For now we’ll focus on Kay Flock and the dangerous life he lives. 

From just 2020 to present time, Kay Flock has accomplished huge milestones in the music industry. He has become one of the most favored to reach Pop Smoke status out of the Bronx and take the Drill sound even higher. Crazy how we never would have known of his talent if it wasn’t for his homies B Lovee

And Dougie B

The trio grew up together since they were little going to school https://youtu.be/-ZeeeS9lKBU (18:27-18:44) https://youtu.be/GiwW54XoFsY (4:35-4:43) 

But B Lovee had a thing for rapping first and pushed Kay Flock to hit the studio and pursue the rap lane so they can all blow up and not be tangled up in the street life they were living https://youtu.be/GiwW54XoFsY (4:51-5:16) In this interview just shown where he says “when he got home” he’s actually referring to being free after finding himself behind bars.

This was also where he really changed his mindset to pursuing rapping when he got out and encouraged Dougie B to do the same after both were behind bars together at one point.

Flock doubled down on his mindset, releasing one of his first ever public tracks titled “FTO” in May 2020 https://youtu.be/F9qYVT-HPl8 The song was a remix to 22Gz “Blixky Gang Freestyle” and instantly set him on the path to gaining recognition on the mic. His buzz rose up the ranks releasing back to back bangers like “OPP SPOTTER” featuring B Lovee https://youtu.be/eTjR6_TvDKs with a viral dance for the track https://youtu.be/anQqOj6e6kE “SPEED RACING” featuring B Lovee https://youtu.be/voUILeSKCvc and “Brotherly Love” featuring B Lovee and Dougie B that took them into the spotlight https://youtu.be/3XCaWUl2mtg https://youtu.be/-ZeeeS9lKBU (18:45-18:50)

Kay Flock was off like a rocket and his mans n’em was right behind, no homo. By summer 2021 he was dropping hits like “Being Honest” https://youtu.be/cMV4-xekoaY and getting one of Chiraq’s illest, G Herbo on the remix https://youtu.be/_Zok3BxWkLg Kay Flock had it, the cadence, the emotion, the bars, the flow, he had everything to be the star he was becoming, but his street habits and lifestyle were like a part of him he couldn’t let go. That’s who he was, and it was seen in everyday life. Dude was ready for smoke with the entire of the Bronx. On any given day Flock would round up the gang and hop in the whip to go opp hunting in the streets. Not only that, but he’d record the entire thing on live! Even though he was now popular in the music scene, he loved the streets. When he found a target, Kay Flock wasn’t gna clout for the cam, bro legit stops the whip, hops out, and walks down on the opps leaving em running. 

That alone should tell you this man is the real deal Holyfield. His drill raps are because he actually drills. This ain’t Bob The Builder. This is Kay Flock The Driller. https://youtu.be/VzrxU8HqY9Y (27:40-28:03) https://youtu.be/VzrxU8HqY9Y (29:00-29:24) https://youtu.be/VzrxU8HqY9Y (31:55-32:30)

Kay Flock’s hot head was clear in his demeanor, and he had the craving for violence to back it up. A deadly combo that often saw him ready to expose himself to danger when confronted by anyone. This became a trend even with his growing success. Anyone that came for him, he went as far as pulling up to their hood, in front their building, testing their gangster https://youtu.be/VzrxU8HqY9Y (7:24-7:42) https://youtu.be/VzrxU8HqY9Y (12:20-14:07) We were seeing the beefs on screen, but little did we know deadlier ones were brewing in the streets where lives were being lost. In his song “Is Ya Ready” released in August 2021 https://youtu.be/gGJS8W9emac a bar went over our heads. Starting off his verse he said “Go ask my opps, it get ugly/I could do (Shh) like Ice did to Sonny.”

Studying the bar deeper, it is a reference to the hood classic “Paid In Full” where Sonny’s uncle, Ice, kidnapped him to do him dirty. Then the connection came to light. Turns out Kay Flock was in a heated beef with a family member, and that family member was the YGz banger, DThang who was Kay Flocks cousin

DThang heard the subliminal and responded, confirming their beef and that the line was meant for him https://youtu.be/PgCk_t9rGMk (0:00-0:16)

Their fallout dates back to the beef between the YGz and OGz inherited by Kay Flocks set SevSide, for having connections to the OGz who he has shouted out in interviews before https://youtu.be/-ZeeeS9lKBU (26:45-26:53) “I F’s with my real OGz, that’s the Original Goons, gangster.”

But what persons didn’t know was that casualties were occurring behind the beef. This dates back even further but in relation to Kay Flock and DThang, a central point was Kay Flock associate Jaryan Elliot aka Jay Ripp. Jay Ripp, only 13 years old was caught lacking by his opps on July 2021 around 3:15 p.m. on East 187th Street near Prospect Avenue in the Belmont section, when they hopped out the whip, pointed the strap, and let off shots.

Jay Ripp was hit in his leg and chest multiple times while outside the Angels Café with another friend that dipped and got away. 

Jay ran into the café where he collapsed and was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. https://youtu.be/Mb8ICFXyzBs


Cops would later reveal that Jay Ripp was a known young crip who was arrested eight times, including for robbery and assault, and spent time at a juvenile-detention center https://youtu.be/NzmTOvm0i0g They also released details saying that he was targeted as retaliation for the gang-related killing of 19-year-old YGz affiliate, Tyquill Daugherty that happened prior.


Cops would arrest a 16-year old shooter for the murking of Jay Ripp https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2021/08/06/teen-arrested-in-deadly-shooting-of-13-year-old-jaryan-elliot/ 

But not before Kay Flock’s SevSide camp could get revenge for the passing of their homie Jay Ripp. What’s even more crazy, the retaliation was one of DThang’s mans who just a week earlier was dissing Kay Flock on live begging for Flock to come with the smoke https://youtu.be/govRzi4R56g He got his request just hours after Jay Ripp was murked. The get back was swift and gruesome for the victim Ramon Gil-Medrano aka Rah Gzz. 

Caution for those who cannot handle death because I’ve got the vid and about to show him being shot up in the back of an Uber by two dudes pulling up on a scooter right now https://worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video-c.php?v=wshhZxwAM7V5Uk1oEZMW 

Reports state he was on his way to a recording studio when he got got https://youtu.be/kJcFH68kyqs (0:50-1:05) https://youtu.be/SyTWsWcTsaA (0:50-1:10)


Both Kay Flock and DThang taunted each other on live dissing both of their dead mans https://youtu.be/wXohPqr-1V8 (3:48-3:55) https://youtu.be/wXohPqr-1V8 (3:56-4:14) This beef is still continuing and involves other underlying altercations between the two sets but that’s an entire vid by itself that I can work on if you guys would like a break down.

With all this going on, you’d think Kay Flock would slow down, but hell no. If anything, bro was all gas. Still riding around looking for opps https://youtu.be/6y_xOxEEMmg (0:00-0:35) pulling up getting into it with cops https://youtu.be/SxbQ0rze740 (0:00-0:10) dissing dead opps https://youtu.be/BqK3Q51e2B4 (0:00-0:10) and ready to end the life of anyone that violates https://youtu.be/-ZeeeS9lKBU (25:47-25:52) That energy was king talk, and he claimed that title as the king of the Bronx for real. This brought his next beef that ended in teeth being knocked out and dudes literally getting the hoodie stolen off their back. Bronx drill rapper, Ron Suno took offense to Kay Flock claiming king of the Bronx because that title belonged to him https://youtu.be/iLla5NRrL7c (0:00-0:35)

The two went back and forth throwing jabs at each other online

The beef escalated from online to in person when the two and their crews saw face to face at Rolling Loud. It was an all-out brawl at that had even security in the mix throwing hands trying to get control of the situation. Jaws was getting rocked left right and center, pause https://youtu.be/IMw8TcV41N8 (0:27-0:40) https://youtu.be/rgTOaBDMnpg (0:00-0:28) https://youtu.be/tv7Gv9G1qPM 

After the brawl, both sides took to online in typical modern day street code to win fans to their side as the victor in the battle. Both sides claiming they beat the brakes off the other side. First Flocko’s homie said he was falcon punching dudes https://youtu.be/2eEzgYD8Zc4 (0:45-1:07) then Suno’s mans said he was the one unleashing the clothesline from hell on the opposition https://youtu.be/Idw8l-3aTtU (7:12-7:35) It was one big back and forth saying who was capping and who was doing the beating. Both switched to picture mode to taunt the other side. Ron Suno claimed he knocked some teeth out and had the bloody knuckles as receipts

Kay Flock said him and his team gave Ron Suno the smackdown. 

Ron Suno says his crew of 4 deep whopped Flocks crew of 30 deep

Kay Flock’s homie shares pic of him putting the 300 Lil Reese combo on someone with the Yellow 4s

Ron Suno’s homie pulls more receipts, tells Dougie B to come get his bloodied hoodie after they done him in

Dougie B switched things back to video mode to clear his name https://youtu.be/2eEzgYD8Zc4 (2:12-2:25) Ron Suno followed dropping a lengthy video clowning Flock’s crew https://youtu.be/Idw8l-3aTtU (3:53-4:16)

Luckily no one lost their lives to this one and hopefully it ends before that happens. Kay Flock has a good thing going with music https://youtu.be/OB6HO7TIWGI (15:20-15:40) even performing in front of thousands at Rolling Loud https://youtu.be/4EXvIYGdSms (0:00-0:21) hopefully he can let the street life go and focus on making music for the streets. He’s had enough losses to let it get in the way of his wins

It might be too late though as not too long ago he posted this cryptic message to his IG, hinting that he may be going to prison soon

If so, it’s free Kay Flock till its backwards. He’s too good a talent to lose it all to the streets.

Catch you all in the next one. Peace up and peace out.

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