G-Dragon Likes A Comment On Instagram Regarding His Ongoing Drug Abuse Allegations

G-Dragon Likes A Comment On Instagram Regarding His Ongoing Drug Abuse Allegations

G-Dragon was recently involved in a drug abuse allegation case. He was accused of drug abuse after investigations surrounding actor Lee Sun Kyun were opened. He has since denied all allegations as of October 30, 2023.

As we had stated before, G-Dragon has never used drugs. Regarding this, Kwon Ji Yong has appointed a lawyer this morning and has submitted his intent to voluntarily cooperate in investigations.

— G-Dragon’s lawyer

G-Dragon Vehemently Denies Drug Allegations In New Statement

As controversy continues to swirl around him, his fans are ardently staying by his side. A comment on Instagram suggested that fans continue to send various malicious comments, videos, and articles to G-Dragon’s lawyer.

Screenshot of the comment that G-Dragon liked. | theqoo

suhyeon.kim@k1chamber.com This is the email of Lawyer Kim Su Hyeon who is in charge of Jiyong’s case. She said she would read it immediately. So please send all the PDFs and screenshots of any malicious comments, articles, and videos that you’ve been gathering all this while.

— eunye_on__

Other fans expressed their surprise that he liked the post.

Gasp! Oppa liked this comment! Yes, I was surprised after I got the notification for it. Sigh, really, Jiyongie… Gasp. Jiyong pressed like on this. I hope he really goes to the end with the lawsuits. Everyone, find strength! G-Dragon pressed like on the comment. | theqoo

It seems like he is silently watching over the entire situation as it unfolds. G-Dragon must be appreciative of the fans who stay by his side. Stay tuned for more coverage on this matter.

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