Bae Suzy says starring in ‘Doona!’ helped her revisit and “heal” from her past

Bae Suzy says starring in ‘Doona!’ helped her revisit and “heal” from her past

Bae Suzy has opened up about how her role in the new Netflix K-drama series Doona! helped her revisit and “heal” from her past.

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In Doona!, Bae Suzy stars as the titular Doona, a former K-pop idol who leaves behind her glamorous celebrity life and retires from the limelight. In a new interview with The Korea Times, the actress opened up about how starring in the series was a way for her to revisit and heal from her past.

“When I read the script, there was a strange sense of empathy that I can’t describe towards Doona’s emotions and situation,” Bae Suzy said, per The Korea Times. “I wanted to play the character because I felt bad and sympathized with her. I felt I could understand her better than other people.”

“I really related to Doona and felt pain for her so this series will remain as the work that stirs my heart when thinking about it. Playing this character allowed me to look back on my past and gave me a sense of healing,” she added.

Meanwhile, co-star Yang Se-jong said that the script for Doona! had made his “heart pound” the first time he read it. “I got a pleasant thrill. Won-joon’s pure heart moved me. I think it’s rare to find someone like him in this world,” he said.

“He’s innocent, considerate of others and always thinking about his mother. And amid that, he meets Doona and also tries his best to not give up on her,” he added.

However, Yang Se-jong also spoke about how he doesn’t think he’d be able to play such a role anymore. “Not only because of appearance but also in terms of emotional aspects,” he explained. “So, I took this series thinking this will be my last time playing this type of role and gave it my all without any regrets.”

Last week, Bae Suzy also opened up about potentially retiring from the entertainment industry, saying that it could happen “at any time” and that her “current project could be my very last”.

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