Apink’s Bomi And MAMAMOO’s Wheein Compare Their Alcohol Tolerance

Apink’s Bomi And MAMAMOO’s Wheein Compare Their Alcohol Tolerance

Since Apink‘s Bomi and MAMAMOO‘s Wheein missed the chance to become friends after their previous plans fell through years ago, the two idols were able to get to know each other on the former’s web series Idol Bomi. That included finding out each other’s alcohol tolerance.

Bomi | @official.apink2011/Instagram

Since drinking is something that Wheein enjoys, she asked Bomi if she also liked it. Bomi confirmed that she didn’t and shared how low her alcohol tolerance was. She answered, “I can’t drink at all, but I started to drink a little bit of wine.

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Because she’d heard of Wheein’s drinking talents, Bomi asked how many bottles of soju she could drink. Wheein said, “When I’m drinking alone, two bottles! When I’m with others, I drink more.” However, that wasn’t the whole answer.

Wheein | 뽐뽐뽐/YouTube

Proving how high Wheein’s alcohol tolerance is, she explained that two bottles of soju were far from enough to reach her limits. She added, “I don’t get too drunk, just tipsy.

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Because Bomi and Wheein have such a significant gap in their alcohol tolerance, it looks like wine will be their best option when they finally make a plan to meet up.

See the two idols talk about their alcohol tolerance and the drinks they enjoy.

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