[Album Review] Taemin’s “Guilty” for Returning with an Emotionally Fiery and Seductive Album

[Album Review] Taemin’s “Guilty” for Returning with an Emotionally Fiery and Seductive Album


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After a two-year wait, the comeback Shawols have been waiting for has arrived. Taemin’s last EP release was back in 2021 with “Advice,” but now he’s back with a bang with his fourth mini EP Guilty. The album released on 30th October at 6 pm KST consists of six tracks that are slow and sensual whilst making an impact. 

Taemin’s title track ‘Guilty’ sets the tone, pace, and vocals for the album. Teasers for the music video  ‘Guilty’ were slowly dropped in the lead-up to release, both featured action-packed and intense scenes. On release, the track lives up to the visuals, and musically wouldn’t be out of place in a blockbuster film. The build-up to the chorus, along with the dramatic vocals, keeps the song at an addictive and steady pace.

Likewise, the music video is a strong, powerful video visually depicting the message of loving someone selfishly. It wouldn’t be a Taemin video without a captivating group dance number. The routine is expertly choreographed by BEBE’s Bada Lee. Although seductive, it’s dark, and addictive matching the track perfectly. 

Laced in sensuality and emotionally charged this theme transcends into the next track ‘The Rizznes’ a strong stand-out track using his vocal range to control the tempo of the track. It’s perhaps a newer side of Taemin who recently stated in his comeback showcase he wished to explore more genres. “I gave a new genre of music a go this time! I didn’t imagine I’d be trying such myself, but I did. I believe I improved musically a lot more and I wanted to show you how far I can go with my new album”. Described as a hip-hop song with an 808 bass and strong synth bass, it reflects the message to not get easily swayed by the words of the world and to listen to one’s voice.

Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment

What Taemin does best besides those high-pitched vocals is bring a seductive vibe to his tracks, even when softly spoken and sung. He can capture the attention with his slower-paced tracks and centered messages of love and acceptance. Tracks such as ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not,’ and ‘Not Over You’ tell the tale of love ending, and not accepting it. Both tracks flow seamlessly and interweave a tale allowing the vocals to shine and bring a new layer to the album. 

Guilty sets out to remind us just how Taemin has a powerful ability to showcase his talent and skill and sets out to display a range of emotions from start to finish. It’s powered by human emotion and how to navigate difficult feelings past and present. This message is successfully achieved of wanting to start a new chapter as a new artist. It’s one old and new fans will enjoy, older fans get to see Taemin play and explore genres, and new fans witness what makes him such a respected idol.

The new album is available online and in-store, what did you think of Taemin’s new album? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow KpopWise for all the latest on your favorite idols!

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