Actress Han So Hee Recently Underwent Nose Surgery — Here’s Why She Decided To Do It

Actress Han So Hee Recently Underwent Nose Surgery — Here’s Why She Decided To Do It

Han So Hee recently updated fans through a blog post. The star is known for her long-form social media updates. She has been updating her blog around once a month or so, providing fans with photos and other updates. On October 29, 2023, she surprised fans with news that she had undergone nose surgery.

Han So Hee’s blog post. | Naver Blog

(A very) long time no see! I hope you’ve all been well. I’ve successfully wrapped up the shoot for Gyeongseong Creature. And now that the temperature’s dropped, I’m spending my days in padded jackets over short-sleeved shirts. How weird. Also, FINALLY!!! I got the rhinitis surgery. One day, I started having trouble breathing out of both nostrils. And then, another day, I started snoring out of the blue. That was stressful, and so… on somewhat of a whim, I decided to get it treated. The wind may be cold, but it feels great going through both my nostrils. That being said, if you spot me with a gigantic nose, please do understand. Just think, “Great! Looks like So Hee is breathing well.”

— Han So Hee

The star had done the surgery as she had trouble breathing out of both nostrils. She fixed the problem through a medical nose job. The down side is the swelling that comes with the surgery. She warned fans that if they spotted her on the streets, her nose would be double the size of its usual! Although she was unable to update fans with a photo of her new nose, she treated fans to a photo of her pre-debut.

Han So Hee pre-debut. | Naver Blog

Hopefully, Han So Hee feels better breathing now!

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