LACHICA’s Gabee Talked Chungha Out Of Taking A Hiatus From Idol Activities

LACHICA’s Gabee Talked Chungha Out Of Taking A Hiatus From Idol Activities

After taking a break from appearing on entertainment programs, soloist Chungha made her long-awaited return, appearing on LACHICA dance crew member Gabee‘s variety program, Gabee’s Rising Star.

Gabee (left) and Chungha (right) | Diva Gabee Girl/YouTube

Chungha represented MNH Entertainment as a trainee on the idol survival show Produce 101 in 2016 and remained with the company through her I.O.I promotions and solo debut.

In March 2023, it was confirmed that Chungha would be leaving MNH Entertainment at the end of her contract, and it was only on October 10 that it was confirmed she had joined Jay Park‘s new label, MORE VISION.

Chungha |

Chungha and Gabee attended the same dance institute years prior, and the LACHICA dance team has choreographed for her since, forming a close relationship with the solo star.

Before signing with the new company, Chungha consulted Gabee about the decision and revealed to the famed dancer and choreographer that she almost decided on a completely different path, which Gabee persuaded her against.

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Gabee shared that she was surprised when Chungha approached her and shared her intent to study abroad instead of joining another agency.

Gabee hilariously revealed she ignored Chungha’s proclamation and instead steered the conversation to discussions about her next agency.

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Chungha admitted that she’d spent her time away from the spotlight relaxing and studying, and while she may feel that her year-long break in promotions was a short time period, she acknowledged it might feel long to fans.

She revealed for the first time that during her break, she studied hard and took the Korean History Proficiency Test, earning her first-degree certification.

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After finding the right company for her and consulting with Gabee, Chungha decided to continue her career as an idol without taking a longer hiatus.

Fans eagerly await her future activities with MORE VISION.

Check out more on Chunga’s move to MORE VISION in the article below!

Chungha Officially Joins Jay Park’s MORE VISION

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