K-Pop Idol Shocks Fans By Becoming A Barista During Her Break From Group Activities

K-Pop Idol Shocks Fans By Becoming A Barista During Her Break From Group Activities

In an industry as competitive as the K-Pop one, it’s not unusual for groups to take long breaks from activities. And often, the members choose to take this time to explore their own individual careers. For more popular groups, this means solo debuts or new unit formations. However, for less popular ones, this could mean just a new YouTube channel opening or an Instagram account.


Different from most other idols, for SKYLE‘s Ujeong, her group’s break from activities gave her time to get a barista license and work as a barista on the infamous Jeju Island.

SKYLE made its mark in the K-Pop scene when they debuted in August 2021. Managed by the beloved Hong Kong actor Louis Koo, the group is an amalgamation of talents from China and Korea, with one Chinese member Erin, and three Koreans: Chaeyeon, Ginny, and Ujeong. The name SKYLE stands for “Show the Kinetic and Youth Leading a New Episode,” portraying a blend of vibrant youth energy and dynamic performances.

Their last single, “Bye Bye Bye,” released in August 2022, was popular among K-Pop fans but marked the beginning of a quiet period for the group. While Erin and Chaeyeon ventured into the digital space with their own YouTube channels, a common practice among idols, Ujeong took a path less traveled by her peers.

In a recent interview, Ujeong shared her decision to move to Jeju Island and pursue a career as a barista after obtaining her barista license. Despite the group’s break, she confirmed her unwavering love for her job as an idol. The calm and picturesque surroundings of Jeju Island now serve as a backdrop to her new daily routine of brewing coffee, a far cry from the hectic schedule of a K-Pop idol.

The news of Ujeong’s career shift was initially met with shock from fans, who didn’t see this coming at all. However, it didn’t take long for them to start a wave of support on social media. They cheered for Ujeong’s brave and unusual choice, showcasing the diverse avenues an idol could explore while still holding onto their musical aspirations.

Please tell Ujeong that our love for SKYLE hasn’t changedhttps://t.co/WSd8a5elWR

— Ministry of Truth (@stressjudo) October 27, 2023

Fans expressed their excitement and anticipation for Ujeong’s eventual return to SKYLE and the idol scene. This new chapter in her life not only reflects Ujeong’s willingness to explore but also highlights the supportive and enduring bond between K-Pop idols and their fans. Amidst the brewing coffee and calm island waves, the wait for Ujeong’s musical comeback continues.

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