Jonni Apollo: New EP Coming Soon!

Jonni Apollo has a new project set to drop later this year titled, “Jonni Apollo & The 5 Oracles”. I had the chance to listen to an advance copy of the project before the official release at a private listening session earlier this week.

The 5-song EP plays out like a roller-coaster of emotions. The highs and lows of one man trying to overcome every obstacle he’d ever known in life. Unlike a typical album release, this project will be dropping in chapters. Every Tuesday, a new track will be available for download on all streaming platforms.

On the song Trophonius (The Dark Prophecy), Jonni is determined to show the world the intricacy of his craft. As the double-time flow and compound rhyme patterns take center stage, the eerie beat provides the tone for what’s yet to come.

Cumae (Cuimaean Sybil); displays a whole different side of Jonni. On this track, you can sense the inner struggle going on deep within, as he fights to find the answers and truth which evaded him for so many years.

My favorite song on the EP has to be Delphi (Temple of Apollo). Dripping with confidence and determination, this is where Jonni shows us his full potential and skill level. Once the beat drops, he hits the ground running, introducing himself to everyone in attendance, with a signature style
that would impress the Gods themselves.

Forget what you thought you knew before pressing play on “Jonni Apollo & The 5 Oracles”. Expect the unexpected and leave all comparisons at the door before entering. In doing so, you’ll be able to appreciate this EP in its entirety. Mixed and mastered by Jonni Apollo himself, with beats provided by long time friend Dead End Beats , the anticipation for this release is set higher than Mount Olympus.

To stay updated on “Jonni Apollo & The 5 Oracles” and more music-related news, follow Jonni on Instagram @jonniapollo. Be sure to visit your favorite streaming platform and pre-save the EP today.

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