“Is My Boyfriend Gay…?” Popular 2nd-Gen Idol Breaks Up A Korean Couple

“Is My Boyfriend Gay…?” Popular 2nd-Gen Idol Breaks Up A Korean Couple

One couple’s breakup over a second-generation K-Pop idol has gone viral in Korea!

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In a post shared via Daum‘s “Yeosung Sidae” online forum, one woman asked if her boyfriend’s obsession with INFINITE‘s Sunggyu is “normal.”

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The woman’s first post explained that her boyfriend is Sunggyu’s biggest male fan…

The woman’s post titled, “My Boyfriend Is Way Too Into INFINITE’s Sunggyu.” | theqoo

…and while that is not a problem, she found his obsession to be over-the-top. The woman asked if her boyfriend “might be gay.”

I mean, it’s not a problem that he’s into a male idol. But it’s kind of over the top. He  literally goes to all of Sunggyu’s schedules. And once, he took me to a festival because he was too shy to go alone. While we were there, he was busy taking videos and stuff. He honestly looked happier than when we go on dates…

…I asked him how long he’s been a Sunggyu fan, and he said since high school. When I asked him who he’d save if Sunggyu and I were both drowning. He said that he’d save me, but it felt like a lie. We started dating because I thought he’s cute and asked him for his number. But now I’m wondering… Is my boyfriend gay? Could it be?

— Woman

In a follow-up post, the woman stated that one date night, she decided to look through the boyfriend’s phone. She shared screenshots from her boyfriend’s Bubble messages to Sunggyu.

| theqoo

Sunggyu: I should see my family.

Sunggyu: I’m thinking about going to Jeonju to see my family over Chuseok.

Sunggyu: Find me at Jeonju station.

Boyfriend: Okay, hyung. I’ll be there waiting for you.

Boyfriend: I’ll be waiting, hyung. Are we thinking about getting married already?!

Sunggyu: I’ll be at Jeonju station, holding our lightstick.

Boyfriend: OK! Hyung, are you ready to meet my parents, though?

Boyfriend: I hope you’re OK with me being 10 years younger than you. But I’m tall and handsome!

| theqoo

Boyfriend: Your face is the most interesting, hyung.

Boyfriend: You’re the finest and the cutest person in this world, my hyung!

Sunggyu: I can’t take a selfie right now. I’m as swollen as a bun.

Boyfriend: Show me the bun-face!

Boyfriend: I bet bun-faced Sunggyu hyung is super cute.

Sunggyu: [Voice Recording]

Boyfriend: Oh, man… Why am I blushing…? Hyung, your voice is amazing.

While the screenshots showed typical “fanboy” messages, the woman claimed that she decided to cut the date night short “to think,” because she couldn’t help but continue to question her boyfriend’s feelings toward Sunggyu.

| theqoo

Sunggyu: [Photo]

Sunggyu: I just sat there like this, LOL.

BoyfriendHyung, I missed you!

Boyfriend: I wish I could travel around Australia with you, hyung.

When the woman confronted the boyfriend via KakaoTalk, the boyfriend initially thought she was “cute” for being jealous of a K-Pop idol. The conversation, however, eventually turned into a fight over the woman “violating [the boyfriend’s] privacy” by peeping around his phone.

| theqoo

Boyfriend: You didn’t let me know if you got home alright…

Woman: Oh… I was busy thinking about something. Ha.

Boyfriend: Thinking about what?

Boyfriend: Did I do something to upset you?

Boyfriend: Will you let me know?

Woman: I looked at your phone because you had a missed call. Now I’m wondering if Sunggyu is more than just a K-Pop idol to you.

Woman: You’ve never been into celebrities.

Woman: But you’re really into Sunggyu.

Boyfriend: OK. And that’s what upset you?

Boyfriend: Are you jealous of Sunggyu right now? Haha.

Boyfriend: You’re so cute. LOL.

The post ended with the boyfriend breaking up with the woman, calling him a “pervert.” 

| theqoo

Woman: How dare you talk to me like this when you’re the one who messed up?

Boyfriend: Let’s take a break until November 11.

Boyfriend: You don’t even like Sunggyu. I’ll just go to the concert alone.

Boyfriend: Yeah. I’d rather watch the concert by myself.

Woman: Are you serious right now?

Woman: We’re fighting over Sunggyu, yet here you are. Talking about Sunggyu again.

Woman: LMAO. You know what? Just go to the damn concert with your gay friends.

Boyfriend: Don’t say things like that.

Boyfriend: This is really disappointing. I can’t believe how you’re acting right now.

Woman: Oh, you think your homosexuality isn’t disappointing to me?

Woman: I can’t believe your abnormal sexual orientation, you pervert.

Boyfriend: Maybe I’m just into people better than you.

Boyfriend: You know what? I’m just going to block you. Have a good life.

The post, having gone viral across online communities and social media platforms, sparked divided reactions from hundreds of Koreans. Some assumed the boyfriend to be, indeed, gay and said he shouldn’t have been in a relationship with the woman. Others believed the woman was at fault for going through the phone belonging to her now ex-boyfriend.

| theqoo “Um… I’m obsessed with Park Bo Young. I think she’s super cute and beautiful. I watch her K-Dramas, screaming ‘MARRY ME, BO YOUNG!’ And to think my boyfriend would attack me like, ‘You perverted lesbian!’ I’d be done with him, too. Like, who are you to assume my sexual orientation based on my celebrity biases?” “I don’t find anything wrong with his Bubble messages, though. In fact, I had a good guy friend—who was very straight—and he was into a male idol. He was all like ‘My baby! My boy!’ too. Just like we, female fans, do to female idols.” “I don’t know… The screenshots feel fabricated. I think these are all made-up.” “Good riddance. The boyfriend was right to break up with the woman. Haha. She’s f*cking psychotic. She got all worked up about her assumption.” “Who gave her the right to look at his Bubble messages? She’s so rude. And she’s so biased. It’s not like the boyfriend was actually proposing to Sunggyu or anything. It’s all K-Pop stan talk. I’m glad he broke up with her. This woman is so problematic.”

Of course, no one actually blamed Sunggyu for the breakup—though some INFINITE fans agreed that Sunggyu is, in fact, “simply that irresistible.”

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