Whether Chiraq Rapper ‘Tray 57’ being killed hours after dissing Lil Reese & Edai. or Lil Durk’s OTF beefing with King Louie’s Mubu. or KTS Kutthroat Von being killed after beefing with G Herbo.

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Chicago rappers are like a magnet for street beefs, and it often times ends in someone losing their life. Today, after the recent loss of Chicago hopeful FBG Duck (RIP Duck), we’re going to take a detailed look at the history leading up to street beefs between rappers in Chicago and breakdown the geography of each set from O’ Block, to St. Lawrence, to Up Town.

FBG Duck was just another rapper with a lot to offer that lost his life to the streets and the life they live. His death joins a long list of rappers whose beef was more than just over wax. But this ain’t something new in 2020. Gang ties have always been a part of hip-hop’s culture. From Biggie and Pac, to NWA and Ice Cube, to Suge Night and Snoop Dogg. The raw and gritty nature of the rap game have attracted those in the streets. It’s a cash cow. People love violence, and people love music, merging the two is a no brainer to securing the bag. The problem is street and rap shit can’t coexist. Rappers like Jay z, 50 Cent, and Gucci Mane found the formula to make it out the hood and transition with their lives, but in Chiraq, rappers hardly make it out. There’s beef in cities all over but with the recent drilling of FBG Duck, what’s about to be revealed about the rap scene in Chicago will blow the lid on everything you thought you knew.

Known as the murder capital of the US, Chicago was baptized in blood and reborn as the war zone known as Chiraq. The city where dead opps become packs and gangs keep scores on who’s winning in the murder toll. The streets seem to have a hold on Chiraq and rappers continue the generation of violence. But this didn’t just become, it goes way back to the 1950’s with the formation of Blackstone Rangers that ultimately became the Almighty Black P. Stone Nation (BPSN), and from then forward, the violence and murder just seem to escalate with every new generation that emerged. The youths surrounded by the street life eventually take up the same path, but more rebellious and disorganized than their forefathers.

What Chiraq has become today is a hub for some of the most dangerous gangs in the rap game, and being in one can come at too high a price. NLMB, 600, 300, PBG, Glo Gang (GBE), OTF, FBG and the list goes on Some of the most notable rappers putting the Chi on the map have affiliations and a past that make their lyrics even more dark because ain’t no cap in their raps.  Now to fully understand each of these gangs, we first have to break down their set and which rappers make them up. First, we’ll look at NLMB.

NLMB aka No Limit Muskegon Boys or know by some as Never Leave My Brothers is based on the east side of Chicago (78th and 79th district). Out of their members the two heavy weights that run the Chicago rap scene are G Herbo and Lil Bibby. The other notable members in NLMB are EBK Juvie, Crathead, Doowop, Crazy James, Mad Maxx, Lil Wet, G Money, White Shawn, and GNuski. While the current head on the streets is Hell Rell also known as G Rell or Rugotti, the original leaders under which the current members came up under were G Bull (RIP G Bull) and G Gil #FreeGGill till it’s backwards.

When it comes to 600. They may not be as large, but in the words of one of the most prominent members today 600Breezy “one of our niggaz can take 15 of theirs”. The gang was founded by fallen soldier D’Thang (RIP D) and can be found on 60th and King Drive. In addition to 600Breezy, other members that make up the 600 camp are L’A Capone (RIP), Young Famous, RondeNumbaNine, Booka, Edai, Huncho Hoodo, Baldy Lil Boo (RIP), D. Rose, Cdai, and Lil Steve (RIP).


The 600 gang is sometimes confused with 300 due to how closely some of the members are and them being right around the block. But 300 is a different set with a completely different breed of savages ( 4:25) 300 is a bit tricky because so many rappers come from where they are based. That’s 63rd and Normal Blvd. This also is where they get the moniker Lamron, which is Normal backwards. The set, like we’d see later on, is a fraction of the Black Disciples (BD’s) and is said to be run by Lawrence “Lil’ Law” Lee, who oversees the Lamron fraction and is the son of deceased Black Disciples leader Lawrence ‘Big Law’ Loggins. They hold some of Chiraq’s most iconic street rappers; Lil Durk, Chief Keef

SD, Tadoe, Fredo Santana (RIP), Lil Reese, Ballout and Blood Money. Even though members like Durk and Keef’s GBE gang are associated with 300 ties, they rep their own fractions OTF and GBE. We’ll go into detail on these in a minute.

PBG (Pooh Bear Gang) is arguably one of the most savage of the bunch. While the members didn’t blow up as big as other rival gangs in the rap scene, they have their talent and rep their set heavy in Up Town Chicago. They were formerly “Insane Cutthroat Gangsters” but PBG was created when gang member Anton “Pooh Bear” Sanders was murdered as a memento to their brother. Now, PBG continues to do their thing and grow their clique. Members mostly known are Young Pappy (RIP), Lil Shawn, Bang Da Hitta, Mosey (RIP), PBG Spazz, Budouble, Lil dj, TaySavv, PBG Kemo, and Neezy.

The last 3 out of the bunch are the most notorious for dominating the rap scene in Chiraq. Out of the three, GBE also known as Glow Boys Entertainment and often repped as Glo Gang, is led by Mr. Faneto, Chief Keef. GBE’s members go way back, most coming up from childhood and on the same block (O’ Block). It can be argued that GBE has Chiraq rappers with the most buzz. Keef, Fredo Santana (RIP Fredo), Tray Savage (RIP), Lil Reese (claims 300), Capo, Gino Marley, Ballout, Tadoe, Red Chapo, Benji Glo and SD.

Next up is OTF. To people looking in, OTF is short for “Only The Family,” but within the streets it often symbolizes Only Trey Folks. OTF hosts a number of members that are affiliated with GBE and also 300, but claim OTF as home. OTF originated way back in the 90’s by founders Wuk and Varney but the new generation of Chiraq savages under the OTF family is spare headed by Lil Durk. Durk, who is becoming more of an icon, even being the talk of the town for his feature on super artist Drake “Laugh Now Cry Later,” is the leader of OTF and is slowing building a following that will overtake not only the streets, but the hip-hop industry. King Von, who Durk says is his best friend, is one of the street rappers rising to fame under the OTF collective. Other high profile members include Hypno Carlito, Doodie Lo, OTF Timo, and first cousin of Durk, OTF Nunu (RIP).


They say save the best for last, but in this case, they’re best known for the disrespect to their opps. FBG (Fly Boy Gang) is the home of murdered rapper and “Bully of Chiraq” FBG Duck. Many believe FBG Duck to be the leader of the gang before he was caught lacking on Oak Street Chicago, but while he’s the face of FBG, the creators were FBG Mello and FBG Dutchie ( 5:07). FBG was also known as “Tooka Gang” and based on 63rd and St. Lawrence, which often times was referred to as “Tookaville.” The references to the gang’s name and area is an ode to fallen gang member Tooka, gunned down with his brother Lil marc. FBG Duck took the loss of Tooka hard and been riding hard for his opps ever since. Sad that the life eventually caught up to him. Members of the gang still holding it down for FBG are Lil Jay00, Lil Jeff, Wooski, Billionaire Black, FBG Cash aka Cashout063, Young Mello aka Young Go Dumb, FBG One Trey, FBG Brick, and Dutchie.

Now that we have more of a handle on these gangs and their affiliations, let’s take a closer look at some that are known for their street life. Some have become like the boogymen of the Chriaq rap scene. Gaining notoriety for their street cred and being labeled like mythical hood creatures. OTF member King Von, the Assassin, and leader of the OTF crew, Lil Durk, is known as a Chiraq demon; the man that terrifies the streets. ( ( They are alleged to be responsible for FBG Ducks death, but we’ll break down the details surrounding that later in the vid. It’s a whole plot to get to bringing all the pieces together to his death. Lil Reese a fellow 300 affiliate is known as the Grimm Reaper, and not just based on clout. It is said that if Lil Reese tweets the caption “lol” a soul will be lost within 24-48 hours. He seems almost immune to death. He took a bullet to the neck from the opps (FBG Duck’s name was involved in the shooting), got out the car, and rescued himself!

And then there’s the GBE head honcho, Sosa. Chief Keef who has gained him the name “The Baphomet.” Now for those of you who don’t know what the Baphomet is. It’s like a spawn of satan or some shit, but its like an evil deity. And he just might be deserving of the name. In September of 2012, Gangster Disciple rapper Lil Jojo found himself on the opposing end of not only Chief Sosa and the voice of the streets Lil Durk, but The Grimm Reaper Lil Reese. And let’s just say it didn’t end well for the GD rapper.

You might be asking yourself the question, “why the hell are these rappers beefing after getting all this money?” That’s the thing, with Chiraq, its not just about money. The streets live recklessly. Many of the cats are born into this lifestyle. Lil Durk’s father was a notorious gangster before he got life in prison. Durk just filled his shoes and became the environment he was in. He even featured his father on the intro of his “300 Days 300 Nights” Mixtape. 

King Von, OTF affiliate, and close connection to Lil Durk is the grandson of BD founder David Barksdale (King David) 0:30.

It’s almost a way of life that just keeps recurring in revenge. You kill my brother, I’ve got to kill yours. The gang on the winning end of the scores gets bragging rights. One of the main fuels to these street beefs is disrespect. Lil Jojo was a victim to it, and one of the most notable deaths that stemmed from disrespect and street beef was the double homicide (at separate dates) of brothers Tooka and Lil Marc (051 set) who were both a fraction of the GD rap crews. 

This isn’t a game for these dudes. The infamous vid of Tooka facetiming Lil Reese before his death, goes to show that street beef in Chiraq goes beyond rapping. It’s real, and niggaz will lose their lives for talking out the neck. 

After you follow the wormhole of killings and beefing between all these fractions and sets, it all boils down to two Chiraq groups; BD’s and GD’s ( Remember I said that Tooka and Lil Marc’s homicide was one of the most notable in Chiraq? Well this one IS the most notable. Yep, you guessed it, FBG Duck, a GD that was known to be at the top of the list of disrespectful rappers. BD’s have been smoking Tooka packs for years in their songs ( and to this day the disrespect of his death has sparked more war in Chicago than oil in Iraq and George Bush. FBG Duck, a friend of Tooka, has constantly warned against using his name in songs, and BD’s King Von and Lil Durk, who have been in constant beef with Duck continued even after the fact. This set off a series of untimely events that eventually lead to the shooting of Duck on Chicago’s shopping strip Oak Street.

Now this is where street beef in Chiraq sets itself apart from the clout beef online. If you recall, another Chiraq rapper, Tee Grizzley got away with his life but lost his Aunty instead when opps came for him but got her. However, Duck wasn’t so fortunate. He survived being shot back in his younger days, but this luck wasn’t on his side.

Sad thing is he was just blowing up. FBG Duck who is from 63rd and St. Lawrence street, has been beefing with Durk, King Von, Keef, 600Breezy and many other close by rappers from O Block, 600, and Lamron (the street name “Normal” backwards). The beef was brewing for far too long and it was only a matter of time before one bit the dust. What pushed Duck to his death, was believed by many to be his diss track “Dead Bitches” ( that was released just weeks before his murder. In the track it brings us back to why street beef between rappers in Chicago isn’t to be taken lightly. Duck went on to disrespect his fallen opps, which ultimately greenlighted what his fellow FBG gangmate FBG One Trey says was a million dollar hit on his head.

Police report that before his killing, Duck was at his antics again disrespecting his opps online, and call it coincidence, but rival gang members Lil Reese and Durk seem to send out cryptic tweets confirming they were on their way to set things in place for the rappers murder.

Duck’s death sent such a shockwave throughout Chiraq, that the police issued a retaliation warning urging persons to stay inside whenever possible.

The truth is, it’s a sad state of affairs in the war in Chiraq, and it shows no sign of slowing down. If this proves anything, it’s that street beef among Chicago rappers is the real deal. No cappin’ or clout chasing. Niggaz will leave you slumped no matter where you are or who you are, and the whole gang will be smoking you as a pack. That’s the life they live, and while we wish everybody could unite and elevate without the violence and killing, the drilling in Chiraq seems to have no end. FBG Duck’s death is still heavy, and body bags are said to be on the menu in retaliation. But with savages like Rondo Number Nine; the weapon aficionado in BD’s corner, 63rd may need more ammunition to exact revenge for their fallen soldier.

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