There is No Control Z — LA-Based Synth Pop Artist Catherine Moan Debuts Video for “Undo Undo”

There is No Control Z — LA-Based Synth Pop Artist Catherine Moan Debuts Video for “Undo Undo”

Whats done is done
nothing you can do about it

In life, there’s no magic “undo” button to correct our mistakes, no control or command + Z shortcut for the days when our souls feel as bleak as the dreary Sad Mac icon of a malfunctioning vintage Apple Computer. And we can’t go back in time and change the course of a relationship that has already ended in heartbreak. It’s a sentiment that Catherine Moan channels eloquently in her ethereal new track, allowing us to revel in the bittersweet realization of our irreversible moments.

Riding the electric currents of modern synth, Catherine Moan’s freshest offering, Undo Undo, resonates with a fervor that’s near palpable. With its bass as the hypnotic anchor, the song unveils a dreamscape. The vocal threads weave between bright crescendos and shadowy, cavernous echoes, crafting an allure that’s undeniably magnetic.

Every track of Catherine’s feels like an effervescent crossing of worlds – between the known and the mysterious, the bright and the enigmatic. And just as the tension reaches its zenith, a transformation unfolds: glistening synth notes rain down, juxtaposed with razor-sharp drumbeats, painting an anthem that’s both unsettling and deeply moving.

The accompanying visual journey transports us to an 80s greenscreen realm, vintage CRT dreamscapes, all interspersed with glimpses of brain scans, tech, and medical tools, and dismal phrases like “cried.” Is this Catherine’s nod to Pee Wee’s Magic Screen? Dive in and decide:

As the brainchild of the prodigious Angel Jefferson, Catherine Moan stitches the past and present, delivering synth-laden electro-pop that channels the iconic vibes of Madonna, Depeche Mode, and New Order. Bursting onto the scene with a soulful reinterpretation of Depeche Mode’s “Fools,” she soon drew the gaze of Philadelphia’s Born Losers Records. Her LA move and subsequent partnership with producer Trey Frye (Korine) marked the birth of her flagship album, Chain Reaction, with standouts like Drop It! reflecting her unique blend of rhythmic energy and heartfelt introspection.

Catherine’s artistic trajectory took a dynamic turn with “Soda Pop,” trading the gentle 80s whispers for a vivacious dance between electroclash and modern pop. As accolades flowed in, she graced stages from the US coasts to Europe, including a standout performance at SXSW. Her collaborative track “My Heart” with Primer only further solidified her multifaceted musical prowess.

Catherine Moan Live:

October 27, 2023: Denver, Colorado, at The Rickhouse with Empathy Test and Nite
October 29, 2023 (Sunday): Portland, Oregon, at Coffin Club PDX with Empathy Test and Nite
November 3, 2023: Los Angeles, California at Catch One with Empathy Test and Nite

Undo Undo by Catherine Moan

Stay in sync with Catherine Moan:


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