RIIZE’s Wonbin Looks Amazing In A Beret… But Fans Are Bothered By His “Stuffy-Looking Hair”

RIIZE’s Wonbin Looks Amazing In A Beret… But Fans Are Bothered By His “Stuffy-Looking Hair”

RIIZE‘s Wonbin is known as one of the greatest visuals of the 5th generation. Since their debut, he has been turning heads and creating buzz for his AI-like visuals.

Wonbin. | SM Entertainment

For the group’s comeback with “Talk Saxy,” Wonbin dyed his hair a unique shade of green-blue. It complemented his cool skintone and made his sharp features stand out even more. During their fanmeeting, he wowed with his handsome visuals in a beret.

The look screamed retro and Y2K chic.

We love the Ferragamo studs in his ears. They’re the perfect accessory to pull together the outfit.

Wonbin’s visuals quickly became a hot topic, going viral on community sites.

With over 20,000 views, fans couldn’t believe how perfect he looks, even in unedited photos taken by a phone.

Wonbin looked a little stiff and shy, but he still made eyecontact with as many cameras as he could.

We can only dream about looking this perfect!

Wonbin looked gorgeous in the unique styling, but fans voiced out criticism about his hair. It was purposefully styled in that way due to the group’s Y2K theme, but the sidebangs got on the nerves of a few.

Netizen comments. | theqoo The sidebangs are so fake looking. It would’ve been great to just push it back refreshingly. His hairstyle feels like something from old mangas. I think it’s fine. He’s handsome and that’s all that matters. F*ckiiiiing handsome. His sidebangs look so stuffy. I want to push his hair aside for him. Wow, his life must be f*cking fun. He’s so handsome. The person who cut his hair must be an industry spy for real. A pretty boy with long hair is so rare. I hope he keeps it for a long time.

With such a beautiful face, we’d want him to show more of it off too!

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