Who’s Dating Who? The “Doona!” Cast’s Real-Life Romances

Who’s Dating Who? The “Doona!” Cast’s Real-Life Romances

The Netflix series Doona! has been one of the hottest topics lately, with many impressed by Bae Suzy‘s “return” to idoldom. The series features Suzy’s character Doo Na, a former girl group member, and Won Jun (Yang Se Jong), a university student falling for each other as they stay at a share house together.

While the love lives of the cast of the show are portrayed right on screen, their IRL counterparts have also had some romantic attachments.

Of the recurring cast, several do not have a public dating history, like Shin Ha Young, who plays Kim Jin Joo, Won Jun’s high school crush, and Park Se Wan, who plays Choi I Ra, Won Jun’s childhood friend.

Park Se Wan | Netflix Shin Ha Young | Bistus

Others like Lee Jin Wook, who plays Doo Na‘s former manager, have had relationships in the past. Lee Jin Wook previously dated actresses Choi Ji Woo and Gong Hyo Jin, though he is not currently in a public relationship.

Lee Jin Wook (right) and Gong Hyo Jin. 

The two leads are on two sides of the dating spectrum — Yang Se Jong has had no public relationships, while Suzy has had a few relationships in the spotlight.

In 2013, Suzy was linked to actor Sung Joon for a brief period, and in 2015, she began dating actor Lee Min Ho.

Lee Minho and Suzy

The pair remained together until 2017, when they parted ways. In 2018, Suzy and actor Lee Dong Wook were reported to have dated for four months and broken up.

Though they may not be dating, Suzy and Se Jong have amazing chemistry which you can read about below!

“Doona!” Suzy’s Sexy Kiss Scene With Co-Star Yang Se Jong Has Viewers Holding Their Breaths

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