TV Personality Admits To Getting Botox — But It Makes Her Face Look Unnatural

TV Personality Admits To Getting Botox — But It Makes Her Face Look Unnatural

TV personality and comedian Shin Bong Sun recently showed a slightly different face and confessed to getting Botox.

Shin Bong Sun | Media Lab SISO

On October 26, Shin Bong Sun uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel. In the video, she celebrated reaching 100,000 subscribers after almost a year since starting her channel.

She expressed gratitude, thanking her subscribers and announcing that she received a Silver Button, a plaque YouTube gives to channels that reach 100,000 subscribers.

Thanks to your subscriptions, likes, and notifications, I finally reached 100,000. I now have a Silver Button.

— Shin Bong Sun

Your browser does not support video.| @ㄴ신봉선ㄱ/YouTube  

Shin Bon Sun was ecstatic to reach 100,000 subscribers and smiled, but her face expression didn’t change much. The production team noticed Shin Bong Sun’s peculiar expression, and she asked them if her face looked unnatural. When the production team asked her if she got something done, Shin Bong Sun answered humorously but honestly.

Doesn’t my smiling face look a bit unnatural? I got Botox to celebrate 100,000.

— Shin Bong Sun

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Botox is used to block signals from the nerves to the muscles and, therefore, makes wrinkles relax. Because the muscles become weak, it may cause one to make dramatic facial expressions, making the face look slightly stiff.

A display of the effects of Botox | Sherman Aesthetic Center

Despite her slightly unnatural smile, she kept going with the video, creating a special event for reaching 100,000 subscribers. She made japchae, or Korean stir-fried glass noodles, and baekseolgi, or steamed white rice cake, as a feast.

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Shin Bong Sun debuted in 2005 as a comedian and has become a recognized TV personality. She appeared on countless television programs, including Goal GirlsMarriage Is Crazy, Curling Queens, Chart Sisters, and more.

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