“People Ask Me How I Wipe Off My Butt”: Jessi Spills The Biggest TMI To GOT7’s BamBam

“People Ask Me How I Wipe Off My Butt”: Jessi Spills The Biggest TMI To GOT7’s BamBam

People, including celebrities such as K-Pop idols, are often asked to share TMIs, but it can have a different meaning depending on where you’re from.

In English, “TMI” is an abbreviation for “too much information,” so people share deeply personal and even embarrassing or disgusting stories. On the other hand, in Korean, “TMI” is basically used to mean irrelevant or a random incident of one’s day. So, international fans are often confused about why idols’ TMIs are so simple, considering the phrase’s real meaning.

My ick about kpop idols is that when they are asked to tell a TMI and they are like “I ate bread for breakfast” like stfu tell me if youre a furry… let’s talk about the real TMI, have you ever tried to eat soap?

— spirit COMMS OPEN (@noisyspirit) August 5, 2023

What does TMI mean in kpop?
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While most K-Pop idols would be too shy to share a genuinely personal TMI, there are two that don’t mind getting into the “dirty” details of their lives.

Recently, Korean American soloist Jessi guested on GOT7 BamBam‘s online show Bam’s House, in which he invites celebrities to his home for interviews. BamBam set out a snack of Tanghulu for Jessi to try. She hesitated, explaining that she recently suffered from a stomach ache, and she didn’t want to have to use BamBam’s bathroom, although he insisted it was fine.

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Jessi: After eating this, I will… I actually had a stomach ache a while ago.

BamBam: Oh really?

Jessi: I don’t want to have a stomach ache in your bathroom.

BamBam: Oh… So did you use the bathroom?

Jessi: Nope.

BamBam: You can use it. It’s fine.

Jessi: I won’t.

While Jessi was shy in that moment, she was not shy later. After a while, the two started talking about ideal types. They both prefer non-skinny partners. Jessi explained she likes a “buff man” because she wants someone to protect her.

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Jessi also said she wouldn’t mind scratching her boyfriend’s back if needed. She showed off her long nails to BamBam, saying, “You know how good it’ll be?”

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BamBam: What if one’s so buff that one can’t scratch one’s back by oneself? You have to scratch it for that person.

Jessi: I like scratching. That’s a love expression. Look at my nails. You know how good it’ll be?

BamBam wondered, though, just how comfortable long nails are to have. So, he asked her if she ever felt uncomfortable. Jessi disagreed, explaining that it’s been like this for sixteen years now, so it would be more uncomfortable not to have them. She even finds it easier to do certain tasks by having long nails.

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BamBam: Don’t you feel uncomfortable with those nails?

Jessi: I’ve been doing this for sixteen years, so without these, I have hard time. Without these, I can’t open up the button.

BamBam: Oh, you can open it with that only?

Jessi then shockingly mentioned a question that she often gets asked: How can she wipe herself when she uses the bathroom? Jessi explained that she wipes as generally as anyone.

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Jessi: I’m so used to having nails this long. That’s why people ask me how I wipe off my butt. What do you mean by that?

BamBam: But how do you do it? I never thought about it.

Yet, Jessi even went so far as demonstrating, using a napkin off the table. BamBam then joined in, replicating the technique.

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Jessi: Think about it. Okay, we go to bathroom. I just wipe it like this.

BamBam: Like that?

Jessi: Then do you wipe it off with your nails?

BamBam: Do you wipe it like that?

Finally, the editors cut the conversation short when Jessi continued to go into explicit details about it…

Do it like this, and then dig it up. It has nothing to do with nails!

— Jessi

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Jessi is definitely American, thus knowing what TMI truly stands for!

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