Notts County FC denies reports that Taylor Swift wants to buy club

Notts County FC denies reports that Taylor Swift wants to buy club

Notts County FC has denied all reports that Taylor Swift wants to buy the football club with a Swiftie-approved message.

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The League Two club was fast to respond to a tabloid’s front page headline which read that the now billionaire was looking to purchase the “world’s oldest footy club”. The club’s official X/Twitter page shared a statement regarding the rumour. Signed off by the current owners, Alex and Chris Reedtz, the statement not only addressed the claims, it also included a few easter eggs in the form of Swift song titles.

“As sorry as we are to disappoint the Swifties in our fanbase, we’re going to have to shake this story off,’ began the response, “There’s certainly no bad blood between ourselves and Taylor but, at such an exciting time for us and the club, she surely couldn’t have believed in her wildest dreams that we would relinquish our control.”

Club statement.#Notts | @taylorswift13

— Notts County FC (@Official_NCFC) October 27, 2023

The statement ended with: “We’ll leave a blank space in tomorrow’s pre-match playlist for a track from her newly re-released 1989 album as a gesture of gratitude for her interest.”

Notts County poked more fun at the rumours of Swift wanting to buy the team by imposing the singer’s face onto the body of one of the owners while holding the National League play-off trophy. The caption of the photo read: “#Taylorsversion”.

Had Swift actually been interested in purchasing the team, she would have not been the first Football owner within her friend group. Actor Ryan Reynolds – husband to actress Blake Lively and good friends with Swift – bought Wrexham AFC with Rob McElhenney back in 2020.

In other Taylor Swift news, former American football star Rob Gronkowski has shared his thoughts on the NFL focusing on Swift during games.

Adams made the argument that the game of football hasn’t changed since Swift began attending more games recently, and that her attendance will in turn bring in more viewership to the sport.

Gronkowski’s comments come after the NFL earlier this month defended its extensive coverage of Taylor Swift amid ongoing rumours that she is dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

The recent spotlight on Swift at NFL games has caused annoyance among some football fans. Kelce himself even said that the NFL was “overdoing it a little bit” with the attention on him and Swift during an edition of his podcast, New Heights.


— Notts County FC (@Official_NCFC) October 27, 2023

Elsewhere, the pop singer fuelled more speculation that she will appear in the upcoming Deadpool 3 film after she was spotted with the film’s director this week.

Swift’s involvement in the upcoming film has neither been confirmed nor denied, but the pop megastar was recently spotted at a Kansas City Chiefs versus New York Jets football game with Reynolds, Jackman and director Shawn Levy, sending speculation into overdrive.

This week, Swift was spotted walking around New York City with the film’s director Shawn Levy, fuelling speculation that she will make an appearance in the long-anticipated sequel.

Swift also released ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ today (October 27). In a five-star review, NME shared: “‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ feels more symbolic than her previous re-releases. Not only is it another step closer to having a full back catalogue of albums that she will own, but it’s also a celebration of the moment Swift really took ownership of her pop sound.”

It continued: “As we’re witnessing the biggest year of Swift’s career so far, the artist’s ability to reinvent herself while honouring her core blueprint is only becoming more impressive. By journeying into the past, it’s a reminder that the future of Taylor Swift may hold so much more that will continue to surprise us.”

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