Kodak Black Agains Co-Signs Donald Trump In New Interview

Kodak Black Agains Co-Signs Donald Trump In New Interview

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Kodak Black is apparently still riding with former President Donald Trump, based on his remarks in a new interview.
Rapper Kodak Black was the latest guest on the Drink Champs podcast hosted by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, and his recent comments regarding former President Donald Trump took center stage during the interview. N.O.R.E. brought him up while referencing the pardon that Kodak Black got in December 2020. “Yeah, I f**k with that boy. We ain’t even gotta talk too much about the sh*t,” he replied.

The “Super Gremlin” rapper had been incarcerated after pleading guilty to a firearm possession charge in 2019 after falsifying records on federal forms to obtain those guns in Florida. Trump would grant him a pardon, commuting his sentence. “He a Gemini like me — his birthday two days after my s–t,” Kodak Black continued. “And that boy, like, he be vibin’ out here too.” When N.O.R.E. then brought up Trump’s current financial troubles due to the massive civil fraud lawsuit in New York brought against him and his removal from the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans, he asked if the 26-year-old would assist him with a million dollars. “Of course, n—a,” he replied.

Kodak Black, also known as Bill Kahan Kapri, has been a consistently vocal supporter of the twice-impeached former president. After being released from prison in January 2021, the rapper dropped a new track called “Last Day In”, giving Trump a shoutout. “Trump just freed me, but my favorite president is on the money/ All they hatin’ presidents has become evident to me.”

In an Instagram Live from earlier this year, he lauded Trump with praise when comparing him to other Republican candidates for President. “I feel like these people on some other sh*t,” Kodak said. “So they know like, they gon’ try to get Trump out the way ’cause Trump a stand-up ni**a, he a real ni**a. He’ll let a bi**h do anything… Trump a real ni**a, man, a soldier.” 

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