“It Scares Me”: 5 Times BTS’s V Encountered Sasaengs

Many K-Pop idols suffer from sasaengs (also known as “stalker fans”), who invade their privacy. BTS‘s V has unfortunately had many run-ins with sasaengs. Here are 5 instances…

1. Chased at airport

V was chased by shrieking fans as he arrived at Gimpo Airport on April 16, 2017. In the startling leaked video, he was chased, and a manager grabbed him when he realized.

2. Surrounded by sasaengs on planes

During a 2019 live broadcast, V revealed that sasaengs would always find out BTS’s flight information and sit around him and the members on planes.

I’m speaking for all of us. We now fly private jets but we’d actually love to fly with commercial airlines. But whenever we fly, whether short or long distance, there are people who found out where we sit in advance. They would sit in front of us or right next to us, and it made us a little uncomfortable. Well, honestly, I wish they wouldn’t do it. It scares me. Really.

— V

3. Chile

BTS were in Chile for their 2017 Wings Tour, and their rest time was interrupted as sasaengs waited outside both their hotel and restaurant.

BTS went to a KBBQ restaurant and it is swarming with people. This video shows how much disrespect they are receiving. They literally just flew in and they have not gotten any rest because SO MANY people have not left them alone since they arrived. When BTS comes to your city, please treat them with respect. We are the ones who wish for them to have good health and plenty of rest so they can perform for us without fainting.

— Ledyllyn Flores

4. Pulled V’s hair

V was leaving a CELINE event in Japan in August 2023 when a sasaeng grabbed and pulled his hair. ARMYs were shocked and horrified by the audacity of someone to do such an aggressive thing to V.

5. Stalker

On October 27, 2023, a woman in her 30s was arrested after following V into an elevator at his residence. She reportedly had waited for V in his residence’s parking lot and followed him into the building. Police were able to identify her because she left behind a marriage license application with her name on it after running away.


When the news broke, V reassured fans on Weverse with a comforting and warm picture of himself.

| BTS/WeverseBTS/Weverse

ehey, I’m okay~~ [cutely] don’t worry.

— BTS’s V

V has also suffered from instances when sasaengs targeted the entire group. Read more below.

8 Of BTS’s Distressing Encounters With Sasaengs Who Went Too Far

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