HYBE Labels’ Top 10 Best Female Singers, Ranked

From soloists to girl group members, dozens of female artists are under HYBE Labels. All of these idols are talented, but who will be crowned “The Best HYBE Labels Singer” of all? You voted. Here are the results!

10. Jiheon (fromis_9)

Jiheon takes 10th place with a one-vote lead over NewJeans‘ Minji, who scored 1% of votes (44 votes). Jiheon received 45 votes in total.

9. Haerin (NewJeans)

With 1% of the votes (69 votes), Haerin takes 9th place.

8. Hyein (NewJeans)

NewJeans was a popular choice for voters! Hyein came in 8th with 2% of the vote (77 votes).

7. Seoyeon (fromis_9)

Seoyeon is the first but not only fromis_9 member to rank in the Top 10. She racked up 90 votes (2%).

6. Danielle (NewJeans)

With 3% (148 votes), the beautiful and talented Danielle is the third NewJeans member on this list.

5. Kim Chaewon (LE SSERAFIM)

Kim Chaewon’s unforgettable voice earned her 5th place in the poll. She took 7% of the vote (322 votes).

4. Hayoung (fromis_9)

With the voice of an angel and 8% of the vote (378 votes), Hayoung earned 4th place.

3. Hanni (NewJeans)

Coming in at #3 is the one and only Hanni with 10% (472 votes).

2. Huh Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM)

FEARNOT, rejoice! Huh Yunjin earned this poll’s silver medal with 20% of the vote (941 votes).

1. Jiwon (fromis_9)

The people have spoken! With a whopping 40% of the vote (1,915 votes), Queen Jiwon has been named HYBE’s “Best Female Singer.” Congrats!

Check out the rest of the poll results below and the results for “HYBE Labels’ Best Male Singer” here.

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