Hope on The Horizon — Austin Post-Punk Trio Bloody Knives Debut Video for “New Moon”

Hope on The Horizon — Austin Post-Punk Trio Bloody Knives Debut Video for “New Moon”

Hailing from Austin, TX, Bloody Knives is a trio that boasts the combined talents of Preston Maddox, who lends his voice while also managing vocals, synths, and guitar; Jake McCown, overseeing drums, synths, and the visual arts; and Jim Moon, who delves into synths and sound crafting. Since their inception in 2009, the ensemble has crafted a signature sound, a unique blend evoking shades of industrial, shoegaze, post-punk, drum and bass, ambient soundscapes, noise, and electronica, often referred to as an ethereal convergence of nightmare dream-rock and future punk.

Their latest offering, New Moon, offers a reflection on the cyclical nature of life — the idea that even in the midst of adversity or darkness, there’s always an opportunity for a fresh start, akin to the cyclical rebirth of the moon. Its origins, interestingly, predate some of the band’s more recent instrumental shifts. The initial demo was crafted before Maddox transitioned from the bass to the more melodic and expansive guitar, and before the return of Jim, a pivotal member whose presence undoubtedly influences the group’s sonic chemistry.

New Moon is about new beginnings in dark times,” says Preston Maddox.

What began as a rudimentary “weird electronic demo,” in Maddox’s own words, might typically have been discarded in the pre-recording cull that many bands undergo, sieving out less-promising material. However, New Moon defies this norm. The addition of the guitar, coupled with a thoughtful application of effects, transformed the track from its embryonic state to something grander. It metamorphosed into an expansive, atmospheric composition, echoing its theme of transformation and rebirth.

This musical journey — from a raw electronic sketch to a layered atmospheric soundscape — showcases the band’s creativity and the magic that can emerge from collaborative reinvention.

The visual accompaniment for “New Moon” delivers an unvarnished, glitch-infused rendition from the ensemble, evoking the nostalgic aura of a transmission beamed through a 1980s-era satellite dish or the ghostly messages of an EVP.

Watch the video for “New Moon” below:

New Moon comes off of their next record Drowning in Light, which will be released in early 2024 through Green Witch Recordings.

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