Here’s Who Brent Faiyaz Is Signed To

Brent Faiyaz‘s July 2022 album, Wasteland, was named to Uproxx’s “The Best Albums Of 2022” list, and Faiyaz wasted no time in following it up. On Friday, October 27, Faiyaz dropped Larger Than Life. The 14-track project was more or less a surprise drop: Faiyaz only confirmed its impending arrival on Thursday, October 26, with a video from ISO Supremacy (In Search Of Supremacy), his newly launched creative agency.

14 songs. Midnight.

— Lord Faiyaz (@brentfaiyaz) October 26, 2023

On May 2, Billboard‘s Carl Lamarre reported that Faiyaz and UnitedMasters “agreed on an unprecedented partnership to form a new creative agency as a hub for his upcoming endeavors.” Lamarre cited an unnamed source in relaying that Faiyaz’s deal with UnitedMasters “is rumored to be valued at close to $50 million.” In aligning with UnitedMasters to form ISO Supremacy, Faiyaz retained his ownership as an independent artist. (As per DSPs, Faiyaz’s Larger Than Life is copyrighted to ISO Supremacy under exclusive license to UnitedMasters.)

“Brent Faiyaz is one of the most prolific independent artists today, and we are extremely excited to embark on this new partnership with him,” UnitedMasters Founder Steve Stoute told Billboard at the time of the report. “It’s been inspiring to watch his journey as an artist over the years, and with this partnership we look to further amplify his creative vision and support his entrepreneurial ambitions.”

It should be noted that Faiyaz also has a deal with Pulse Music Group, where he has been signed to a publishing deal since May 2016.

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