G-Dragon’s Denial Sparks Debate Among Netizens

Netizens reacted to G-Dragon‘s denial amid drug allegations.

G-Dragon | The Korea Times

On October 27, G-Dragon denied all accusations and stated that he would be fully cooperating with investigators to prove his innocence.

This is G-Dragon.

First of all, it is not true that I used drugs. Additionally, I would like to clarify that I have nothing to do with the news reports about violating the Narcotics Act that was released by the media. However, I know that many people are concerned, so I will actively and fully cooperate with the investigation being conducted by the authorities.

— G-Dragon

The icon’s statement comes at a turbulent time for K-Pop idols as Lee Sun Kyun‘s drug scandal is proving to have cast a wide net of consequences for Korean celebrities.

Alleged Culprit Behind “Girl Group” Drug Scandal Rumors Exposed

Netizens reacted to G-Dragon’s statement with mixed reactions. While some stated that they would wait for the full investigation before judging, others pointed to recent video clips of the idol as proof he was abusing drugs.

“I bet he’s again going to say that he didn’t know.” “And I’ve never breathed air before.” “He’s again trying to make the idiots believe him so that he can promote again.” “But doesn’t GD not have any contract fees to worry about? Is he an endorsement model?” “But if he’s really innocent, don’t you think he would have denied the allegations in the press as soon as the reports first went out? You know he’s being coached to do all of this, so why are you guys believing him? LOL. Are you guys dumb?” “Sure…” “Can’t they tell by just testing his hair? Why go through a full investigation? LOL.” “Even if he is innocent, does this change anything? His fans will just have another grievance.” “The truth will come out once they test him. Since he says he is innocent, let’s wait.” “Then are you saying the reports were wrong?” “You’re saying he was tweaking like that and slurring his speech without using drugs…? That would mean he has other problems.”

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