Fat Joe says he is “blessed by God” and not in the Illuminati

Fat Joe says he is “blessed by God” and not in the Illuminati

Fat Joe has denounced claims that he is a part of the Illuminati, saying that he is “blessed by God” and “had to work” for his fame.

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Last Saturday (October 21), the New Yorker was participating in an Instagram Live broadcast when he candidly spoke about rumours that he was a part of the secret society.

“We got blessed by God and had to work through all adversity,” Fat Joe said. “I also believe because a person is a celebrity or becomes famous, they have a bit of bad karma with them. Don’t ask me why.”

He continued: “When I look at my son Joey and he’s autistic, he’s the don of the family. I have to tell myself, ‘What did I do?’”

Fat Joe shuts down Illuminati rumors: “[I’ve] had to work for this sh-t” https://t.co/3Yh0bOWXIA pic.twitter.com/PS7B9htGe1

— HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) October 23, 2023

Fat Joe added” “I’ve met everybody, I’ve never met the Illuminati. So now what my theory is is you got people who’re frustrated with seeing other people being successful, and they make up this thing called Illuminati.”

Elsewhere in the video, Joe said: “Some people start makin’ excuses and sayin’, ‘Yoo, they livin’ like that ’cause they did this, they Illuminati, they signed with a cult, they did this’.

“‘Cause you gotta be part of some shit because you rich, you gotta be part of some shit ’cause you got famous, you gotta be part of some sh*t because ‘there’s no way, I’ve tried everything.’”

The rumours could have sparked after, in February of this year, the ‘Lean Back’ rapper made a joke about the secret society in an Instagram caption, telling N.O.R.E: “Welcome to the Illuminati.”

Other rappers have spoken about the Illuminati recently. Earlier this year, Doja Cat said she wanted to do “deliberately weird ass shit” to fuel Illuminati conspiracies as she found it “so funny”.

Back in March, Jay Electronica claimed that he had met a member of the notorious group in a post on X/Twitter.

“Ps, The Illuminati? I met ’em,” the Roc Nation lyricist said. “They ain’t all that. Ask ’em about me. Ps, The Dominicans control Hollywood. Ps, The Dominicans control the banking system…Ps, The Visigoths are running a paedophile ring in Hollywood…Ps, The Albinos control the military-industrial complex.”

It was discovered earlier this month that Kanye West accused Cardi B of being an “Illuminati plant” in a leaked clip from his scrapped 2018 documentary.

He said: “She doesn’t write her raps. She’s just there to sound as ignorant as possible. She’s literally replaced Nicki Minaj purposely… she thinks it’s a blessing from the universe, it ain’t no fucking blessing.”

Last August, Fat Joe celebrated 50 years of hip-hop by performing on stage alongside Run DMC, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and more at Hip-Hop 50 Live, a celebratory concert organised by Nas‘ Mass Appeal label.

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