BTS’s V Reassures Fans About His Condition Following News Of Being Stalked — But ARMYs Are Still Angry

BTS’s V Reassures Fans About His Condition Following News Of Being Stalked — But ARMYs Are Still Angry

BTS‘s V made sure to reassure fans on Weverse following news of a woman being arrested for stalking him, but it hasn’t stopped ARMYs’ anger.


On October 27, it was reported that Seoul’s Gangnam Police is currently investigating a woman in her 30s for stalking V. It was reported that she ran away after following him into the elevator but left marriage papers.

While it would be a traumatizing experience for anyone, V showcased his true personality when he went on Weverse after the news broke. He shared a warm and comforting picture with fans that seemingly was done to reassure them.

| BTS/Weverse

If the photo wasn’t calming enough, V confirmed the reason for his post as he shared a reassuring message with ARMYs to make sure they knew he was okay.

While he didn’t have to, it shows how much he cares for fans and knows that they were probably worrying.

| BTS/Weverse

ehey, I’m okay~~ [cutely] don’t worry.

— BTS’s V

V also went on Instagram and shared some memories from his past schedules when preparing for Layover.

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Yet, while V tried his best to reassure fans following the news, it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs still couldn’t hide their anger.

V has always been the kind of person to make sure to address fans after anything has happened to put them at ease. Some added that V didn’t need to come online to reassure fans, adding that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place and that HYBE should have better security. While others weren’t happy that the only punishment they’d get was a restraining order.

Taehyung comforting us on weverse like a friend, saying “There there it’s okay don’t worry, wipe your tears” when it’s he who is a victim here. Oh Taehyung, the world truly doesn’t deserve your sunshine, your light

— TAE GUIDE (@taeguide) October 27, 2023

The punishment is ridiculous, what makes them thinking that individual won’t do the same things again? She needs to be in JAIL!

— THV (@Taehyungimpact) October 27, 2023

how many times do we tell that it’s not fvcking right to stalk someone invade their privacy, now rot in jail

— ᴮᴱ바다⁷ (SLOW) (@eternalhyyh) October 27, 2023

and fuck that youtuber who did a tour of taehyung’s apartment complex, fuck the police for not being able to arrest this person even after being a stalker for a long time, fuck the security for not doing good enough, fuck that stalker who basically traumatized tae, fuck you all

— lex; gꪜlden (@bwikoogi) October 27, 2023

The way it just happened yesterday, just after he got back from travelling and in a place that’s supposed to be his sanctuary where he could completely relax in

— 𝓪⁷ (@JlNSONYEONDAN) October 27, 2023

Only Taehyung would rush to reassure us and post countless videos to soothe our worrying hearts despite going through one of the most horrible experiences of his life. Only Taehyung would have a heart big enough to fit the whole wide world and only Taehyung would have endless…

— TAE GUIDE (@taeguide) October 27, 2023

You can read the full story below.

Woman Arrested For Stalking BTS’s V Into Residence Elevator With Marriage License Application

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