Bae Suzy says she might retire from the industry “at any time”

Bae Suzy says she might retire from the industry “at any time”

Doona! star and former Miss A member Bae Suzy has opened up about potentially retiring from the entertainment industry.

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Bae Suzy currently stars in the newly released Netflix original K-drama series, Doona!, opposite Still 17 actor Yang Se-jong. In the series, she plays the titular Doona, a former K-pop idol who leaves behind her glamorous celebrity life and retires from the limelight.

The actress has since compared her own life to that of Doona’s in the series, telling Yonhap News Agency that she “felt as if I was hit in the stomach when I read the scene in the script” because her character’s situation was “so similar to mine”.

Bae Suzy then touched on her own experience as a K-pop idol, having actively promoted with girl group Miss A from 2010 to 2015, saying that she used to “brush off” her struggles during that period.

“At that time, I did not even realise I was having a rough time,” she explained. “Some might think I was running away, but what I was really doing was trying not to get carried away by my own thoughts. I tried to focus on something else.”

Similar to her character of Doona, the 29-year-old actress also touched on her own desire to retire from the industry. “I am always saying to myself I can quit this business at any time, so my current project could be my very last,” she revealed.

“The thoughts actually motivates me to try my best at every moment,” she added. But, as Yonhap News Agency notes, the singer doesn’t have any concrete plans on stepping away from the spotlight just yet.

Bae Suzy previously spoke about how she “didn’t have the opportunity to feel pain and express my true emotions” during her time as a member of Miss A.

Meanwhile, co-star Yang Se-jong revealed he had “painful” laser hair removal to look younger for Doona!. “I’ve put a lot of effort into my appearance,” he said.

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