Aespa Karina’s Comments About Infighting In Other K-Pop Groups Sparks Drama

Aespa Karina’s Comments About Infighting In Other K-Pop Groups Sparks Drama

Aespa Karina‘s comments about other K-Pop groups’ relationships among their members have drawn a mixed response from netizens.


On October 26, Rolling Stone released a YouTube video in which singer Grimes and aespa were shown interviewing one another.

In the interview, Grimes asks aespa what it is like working with one another while navigating creative differences when making decisions.

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How is it like working with all four of you and negotiating and all that? In many ways, it’s great but every time I do have a creative partner, it is so fulfilling, but sometimes you fight.

— Grimes

Karina answered by stating that even though all four members each have different personalities, they are like a family and work with each other well.

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Even though all four of us have different personalities, I think we come together well. And we just get along well as people. And because we understand each other well, even without saying anything, we also work well together.

— Karina

Karina would then continue stating that there were many K-Pop groups whose members didn’t get along ,but that was were not one of them.

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Honestly, if you look at other K-Pop groups, people fight a lot, and there a lot of teams that don’t work well together. But even from the beginning, we didn’t have those issues. And if a conflict arises, we try to resolve it immediately. So I think we’re able to work well without any issues.

— Karina

Karina’s comments quickly went viral. While some criticized Karina for her comments, there were many comments that defended her and criticized her haters.

“What??? Is she being foreal?” “You guys act like the 1500+ comments here are criticizing Karina when most of the comments are defending her.” “I just came in here, and most of the comments are about how many comments are on here.” “It’s not like she committed a crime, yet you guys are criticizing her over an interview. Tsk, tsk.” “Guys, stop fighting and go eat lunch.” “Karina must have seen some things. You guys are criticizing her for nothing, LOL. Look at the comments, she’s getting criticized more for saying the wrong things than actual criminals.” “She must have seen some things. Tsk, tsk. She’s just saying that aespa isn’t like that.” “It must be suffocating to be an idol. You guys just found reason to criticize her.” “This is so suffocating.”

What are your thoughts? You can watch the interview in full below.

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