VCHA Was Training In Secret At JYP Entertainment, Even After Their Lineup Was Finalized

VCHA Was Training In Secret At JYP Entertainment, Even After Their Lineup Was Finalized

VCHA‘s six members won the hearts of viewers when they competed for the group’s debut line-up on the idol reality competition program A2K, a joint venture between famed Korean entertainment company JYP Entertainment and American record label Republic Records.

(Top row, from left:) VCHA’s Lexi, Kendall, and Camila (Bottom row, from left:) Savanna, Kaylee, and KG | @official_vcha/Instagram

The six members, Lexi, Camila, Kaylee, KG, Kendall, and Savanna, were revealed as the group’s debut line-up during the final A2K episode on September 21, 2023.

Recently, American magazine Nylon sat down with the new global girl group and an LA-based JYP Entertainment manager to talk about their talents, experience filming A2K, their training, and more.

| @official_vcha/Instagram

The results of the competition show were announced only one month ago, but auditions for the program took place in September 2022.

Though the finale has just aired, the episode was filmed “months prior,” leading the members to secretly train at JYP Entertainment for months.

The members admitted they had to lay low while the show aired and weren’t able to go out much together for fear of spoiling the results of the finale.

The members were, at times, inevitably spotted by fans around the JYP Entertainment building and revealed that sometimes they were even asked if they were the winning A2K contestants. In order to not spoil the show, they politely refused pictures and continued to keep a low profile.

Thankfully, the members’ line-up is now finalized, and they no longer have to lay low!

During the interview, JYP Entertainment manager Daniel Hong also addressed netizens’ concerns about the age of member Kaylee, and subtly shaded other companies when outlining how they’re mindful of her wellbeing as a minor.

Check out more on that in the article below:

JYP Manager Subtly Shades Other Companies While Promising To Protect VCHA’s Controversial Member, Kaylee

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