Rob Gronkowski thinks the NFL shows Taylor Swift “too much” during games

Rob Gronkowski thinks the NFL shows Taylor Swift “too much” during games

Former American football star Rob Gronkowski has shared his thoughts on the NFL focusing on Taylor Swift during games.

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While on FanDuel TV’s Up & Adams morning show on Wednesday (October 25), Gronkowski was asked by host Kay Adams asked the former New England Patriots tight end what he thought of the matter.

Adams made the argument that the game of football hasn’t changed since Swift began attending more games recently, and that her attendance will in turn bring in more viewership to the sport.

“Bye bye bye, it’s just a little bit too much. Yes, you can show her, maybe have her perform a song now since they’re hyping her up every single week but we want more football. Yes, it’s fine that you show her, but not every single play,” Gronkowski said.

.@RobGronkowski says there is TOO MUCH Taylor Swift on TV during NFL games @heykayadams, however, disagrees

— Up & Adams (@UpAndAdamsShow) October 25, 2023

“Show the players, show the player celebrations,” he added, explaining that showing Taylor Swift celebrating while watching the game takes away from the players.

Gronkowski’s comments come after the NFL earlier this month defended its extensive coverage of Taylor Swift amid ongoing rumours that she is dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

The recent spotlight on Swift at NFL games has caused annoyance among some football fans. Kelce himself even said that the NFL was “overdoing it a little bit” with the attention on him and Swift during an edition of his podcast, New Heights.

The NFL addressed their Swift-related content in a statement, explaining: “We frequently change our bios and profile imagery based on what’s happening in and around our games, as well as culturally.”

“The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce news has been a pop cultural moment we’ve leaned into in real time, as it’s an intersection of sport and entertainment, and we’ve seen an incredible amount of positivity around the sport.”

The message added: “The vast majority of our content has remained focused on the game, our players and variety of other initiatives, including our Toy Story Funday Football alt-cast, the international games and more.”

Meanwhile, Swift will release ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ on October 27, following on from other re-recordings including ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’. The latter was released earlier this year to an enthusiastic reception, becoming the singer’s 10th UK Number One album and outselling the rest of the Top 10 combined.

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