Playing Games With Death — Crush of Souls Debuts Video for “Who Will Silence The Pigs?” 

Playing Games With Death — Crush of Souls Debuts Video for “Who Will Silence The Pigs?” 

Leaving behind New York’s frenetic pace and embracing the deep cultural milieu of France, Charles Rowell, renowned for his contributions to Crocodiles, Flowers of Evil, and Issue, embarked on a rejuvenating journey in 2020 with his latest venture, Crush of Souls. Marrying new wave with gothic rock undertones, the project creates an enchanting blend of innovation and evocation.

The new album by Crush of Souls, titled (A)Void Love, brilliantly blends together various musical styles. The gentle strumming of acoustic guitars blends seamlessly with the grandiose sound of synthesizers, creating a powerful and emotional musical experience that can be enjoyed across a range of rhythms. Throughout the album, listeners can hear elements of minimalist electronics, the coolness of cold wave, and the allure of synth-pop, all while the compositions maintain an enduring charm.

The album’s latest single, “Who Will Silence The Pigs?” has been released, along with its visually captivating narrative. The song seamlessly blends poignant melodies similar to those of Nick Cave with foundational electronic rhythms reminiscent of Martin Rev, resulting in a fusion of melancholic lyrics and raw, industrial grit. Imagine an enthralling collaboration between Stiv Bators (during his days with The Lords of the New Church), Ian McCulloch, and Tony Wakeford in a unique recording session.

The lyrics confront oppressive forces, metaphorically labeled as “pigs,” who exploit hope, faith, and genuine emotions. These forces emerge from secrecy, imposing constraints and deceit. Amidst this turmoil, the lyrics yearn for retribution and liberation, posing the repeated question: Who will put an end to these suppressors?

The video, a cinematic piece filmed in Soligny-La-Trappe and Saint-Maurice-sur-Dargoie by Laure Rowell and David Claxton and featuring the Rowells’ son Ozzie, delves deep into the perennial theme of duality, all set against the picturesque backdrop of the French pastoral landscape.

”It’s a story as old as time; life and death, heaven and hell,” says Rowell. “Where they meet and where they part. In this mini epic, we watch Charles traverse the netherworld and play scrabble with Death. He exits the lush divinity of family life and plays God with the John Gotti of the afterlife.”

Watch the video for “Who Will Silence The Pigs?” below:

Who Will Silence The Pigs? was co-produced and mixed by Tim Gainet and mastered by Will Killingsworth.

There’s always been a thread of synth-punk, deathrock, and DIY noise running through all of Charles’ projects, however, Crush Of Souls pushes harder and further into the darkness with the new album (A)Void Love.  The LP was written throughout intense insomnia that coincided with a run of shows playing guitar for Australian legend Harry Howard. Crush Of Soul’s main man finally found rest after writing and recording the last song entitled World of Fear. Six months prior, he had quit his job as a chef, traveled east to Prague for inspiration, and returned ragged and sleepless. 

Rowell’s insistence on keeping the instrumentation clean and straightforward came from an arduous two years of literal blood, sweat, and tears. Every bit of drama, eastern excursion, and sleep psychosis can be found within the walls of (A)Void Love. 

The album is available for streaming and can be ordered now on a lovely smoked vinyl LP, limited to 300, via AVANT! Records.

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(A)Void Love by CRUSH OF SOULS

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